So far just over people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. Here’s where we currently stand: It’s a pretty tight contest. Ancient conspiracy. Relentless evil. The hunt for answers continues. The climactic ending of The Façade left Brian Scott and Melissa Kelley with only each . Buy a cheap copy of The Facade book by Michael S. Heiser. The plot of The Facade is driven by the fate of a team of scholars recruited for an Above-Top- Secret.

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Heiser floats really gets one thinking. Ancient Israel and Egyptology. The storyline weaves in every angle to make the reader want to know the next facet of the story. Dacade Biblical texts, translations and interpretations are fascinating. I hope you find the time to write a sequel.

Unpeeling layer after layer of deception and counter-deception, Brian moves toward a shocking revelation that will forever alter how mankind sees itself.

It was kind of like the movie Clue but with nerds in underground military bases. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mike Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. It doesn’t matter here, it’s just an interesting conclusion and may actually be true. The first chapter has a scholar of ancient Middle Eastern languages being killed by a mysterious, seemingly supernatural figure for his failure to deliver certain ancient tablets.

I will say the book reminded me of Atlas Shrugged actually inasmuch as the main character is a vehicle to give voice to some of the author’s particular intellectual passions – if you’ve read “Unseen Realm” and are familiar with Heiser’s thoughts on the “divine council” he sees in several Bible passages, and his thoughts on passages like the beginning of Genesis 6, some of the stuff in this book will seem quite familiar.


So now, let’s go on to the story!

The Façade by Michael S. Heiser | Jim Erwin

So an interesting and fun read Lists with This Book. I can say because of that study that his view is not at all orthodox. I wish I could get more people to understand the UFO and what is really going on.

It’s trivial stuff and none of this sinks the novel. Secret alliances are brought into the picture to help move the plot, as well as anonymous people who have special access to restricted areas of the facility they are now locked up in. Voting will continue until the end of the year.

Totally recommend it to you if you enjoy learning more about these End Times from someone who is not dressing it up with a lot of fantasy but filling it up with knowledge from the ancient texts.

Even if you’re not, there’s a lot of fun stuff here. Interesting ideas and documentation. Well, there’s a moment like this where adults confront the cause of tragedies from their youth that are all too wrapped up in an all to coincidental, and very unlikely bow.

Book Review: The Facade – First Century Christianity

However, there’s a traitor among the camp, or is it a mole? Bandstra of chapter 5 is one of Brian’s closest and only friends and has requested that he be brought to fzcade they now are to help deal with this situation, one that may test his faith greatly. I enjoyed the book and the characters in it. Mike is the recipient of several academic awards, and has written scholarly articles for facaxe prestigious journals. It was such a positively strange experience to read a novel using Biblical concepts that are really only explored in the Churches of God and Messianic communities.


No specific spoilers to follow, but I do make heiswr general comments that only those who have read the hieser should understand. Fast read, I liked it more than I expected. Even when reading, and maybe especially when reading novels, I want to actually care about the actors and I couldn’t get to that place here. So far just over people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. So if you like flying saucer conspiracy novels, this is a good bet.

Jul 21, Sara Abrashkin-Rotaru rated it it was amazing. From that rocky beginning, and with the experience of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code still fresh in my mind, his Note to the Reader raised my skepticism to new heights. Just a brief update — The Portent, sequel to my novel, The Facade, is now available in Subscribe to our Newsletter Why sign up? Books by Michael S.

Although his knowledge of the original languages vastly exceeds my own I know of Hebrew and Aramaic as being the two languages that the Old Testament is written in This book opened my eyes to a lot of things and along with the Myth That is True 5 I have really come to appreciate and get solid answers for some of the things that could have otherwise left me feeling numb, dumb and overcome.