Get sleep survival tips in this Q&A with Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child author, doctor and preeminent sleep guru, Marc Weissbluth. One of the country’s leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving–and preventing–your children’s sleep problems. Here Dr. Marc. A leading pediatrician outlines his groundbreaking, step-by-step program to help parents ensure a good night’s sleep for their children by working with their.

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The baby, we were told, had colic.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – Marc Weissbluth – Google Books

From the Hardcover edition. What was the point of including this cringe-worthy uappy quote? I couldn’t put her down in her crib without her waking up and screaming. Sep 30, Jessimc rated it it was ok.

Oh, and you have to wade through a lot of scientific research mumbo jumbo to get to the real point of his book. Linda, his wife of more than forty years, habtis provided both inspiration and original ideas for this book. It’s why he would cry endlessly. When I get the pared down version from her, I’ll post the important page numbers here. Chapters have an “action plan” section, but I find them confusing.

My marriage to my husband improved, I became a normal person again, and Brady became a sweet, happy baby again instead of cranky from being sleep-deprived. View all 7 comments. She sees it as the sleep bible. Weissbluth and his wife of more than happyy years, Linda, have four sons and eight grandchildren. I feel that I learned so much from this book that I will probably end up checking it out at the library again or buying a copy of my own to use as a reference as my child grows and her needs change.

So, Arizona babies should go to bed an hour apart don’t ask me to figure out if I mean before or after from Utah babies just north of ehalthy during Daylight Savings which Arizona commendably abstains from? Apr 23, Julie rated it weussbluth was amazing. Sep 19, Evaly rated it really liked it. If you weiszbluth a sleep deprived parent trying to find answers, look elsewhere lest you lose more sleep trying to read through verbose chapters and then squand This book provides some idea of what sleep patterns may look like for your baby but it also provides fuel for the longest guilt trip you will take as a parent.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Our Review

I’m still pushing through, hoping for more nuggets like the hour wakefulness window. Trying to do a sleep schedule AND stop nursing before sleep was too much for my baby. I will admit that it has helped to have my husband help some at night so that she is learning to feed a bit less. Especially the complete lack of organization that’s a serious pet peeve for me.

Our Members Area is packed with exclusive content and resources: It’s not easy to find a quick answer. Refresh and try again. Company About Careers Partners Press. A LOT of people recommend this book, and I can see why. He offers dozens of anecdotes and new case histories of children with various sleep disorders and the prescribed methods The child care classic is now totally revised and updated as Dr. Nov 07, Amanda rated it it was amazing.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth

Our month-old now ASKS for his nap when it’s naptime. People think of him as having a “cry it out” stance and of being anti-“attachment parenting” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Now that I tried some of the tips in the book he hardly cries at all! Because he presents you with so many possible scenarios. The good doctor actually says: I also liked that the author is open to other methods and doesn’t condemn any one because he is aware that different children have different tem I really liked this book.

Once I revisited the appropriate section that had not been applicable at all to us beforewe decided on a course of action and found positive results. After reading about half of the habtis, I had put it down for a while and then hit a patch of night waking with my son. Although the writing feels confused and hodgepodge-y throughout, Weissbluth provides concrete information and advice on how to help your child sleep well, especially for first-time parents. Let’s start with the positive.


I need to vhild to one particular satisfied patient whose letter is included in the book because I pretty much hate her.

The best part is he provides data and scientific evidence on sleeping so you really understand jappy process of how it works and why it’s important and how much sleep your child needs. I’ve been taking notes trying to keep it straight because I sure don’t want to have to read this book over each time the baby grows. Now that we heakthy a newborn and toddler and scheduling them can be difficult – I gave it a shot. Call me ignorant if you must, but I’m much to focused on the now to project that far into the future.

He also has no issue with co-sleeping — he thinks you have to find whatever sleeping situation works best for your family. However–I will say that I do think it’s good after a couple of months to start implementing bedtime routines, etc.

Aug 23, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: Weissbluth’s writing is very repetitive, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to dig the meaning out of any given passage. A must read for soon-to-be parents.

If there is social pressure to bring your baby to the grocery store, it comes from CPS frowning on leaving your child alone, not hipster moms.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. His approach will not work for everyone, but it did for us – at least with this kiddo.