Hayat-ul-Haiwan” Written by Allama Muhammad Musa bin Isa Kamal Uddin al- Dameeri r.a is containing comprehensive and authentic. Title: Hayat ul Haiwan File Size: Part-1 – MB | Part-2 – MB Files Format: Pdf Language: Urdu Author: Shaykh Kamal-ud-Deen Al Dameeri Translated By. /): Hayat ul-Haiwan. Mubarak, Qazi (d. /) was a scholar and sufi, generally familiar as Qazi Mubarak III. Among his ancestors, the first of the.

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May Allah support you in this great and un parelleled job. Abu Bakr for two years, Umar for ten years, Uthman 12 years and Ali a. hayatlu

Its a great service you people are doing. Then in order to complete the figure, scholars include the short Caliphate of Imam Hasan a. You have done what the Arabs with their riyals are not interested in translating great book from the Islamic world. So how could he not know the duration of Caliphate? But this also seems incorrect, because his control on Islamic lands had ceased to exist.

Now the readers may see that Taftazani says the Caliphate of Abu Bakr was only two years. If it had really been authentic, the period would have definitely reached 30 years. Skip to main content. You are commenting using your WordPress. But some have written 11 years, 11 months hayatl 14 days. While in Seeratul Muhammadiya it was 10 years, 7 months and hayarul nights, in Abul Fida 6 and Hayatul Haiwan this period is 10 years, 6 months and 8 days or 5 nights.


A tradition of Safina is seen in Tirmidhi 1 that according to the Holy Prophet SCaliphate is only for thirty years, and after that, there is kingship.

Hayat-ul-Haiwan Urdu By Allama Kamal-ud-Din Al-Dameeri – BooksCrab

Some have written, 13 nights instead of 5 nights. Allah apki umer me barkat de Aameen…. Please assist thank you. Ye book lazmi parni chahey. haiwn

Hayat-ul-Haiwan ebooks by Allama Kamaluddin Al Dameri | Rekhta

Volume 1 Volume 2. Sharhe Fiqhe Akbar also indicates that the period of Caliphate is thirty years. Jazakallah, Aap se guzarish hai k Hazrat Thanvi R. Seerat e Ummul Momineen Ahyatul [r. According to the writer, this tradition itself seems baseless. From this aspect the figure of 30 is reached easily. Author of Sharhe Maqasid, Allamah Taftazani says: The conclusion of all this calculation is the Caliphate of all these four Caliphs together does not add up to 30 years.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sir this is great job done I am extremely grateful it helped so much. I hope to see more translation of the great Muslim work.

But there is a great divergence from the view of Taftazani regarding the period of Caliphate of Ali a. Similarly, in Tarikh Abul Fida hayatjl it is given as two years, three months and ten days.


The one who has fabricated it, did not do his calculations properly. None of the books mention it to be 6 years. Email required Address never made public.

Notify me of new comments via email. This control had passed into the hands of Muawiyah.

Hayatul Haiwan(2 Vol. Set)

Notify me of new posts via email. Volume 1 [] Volume 2 []. In spite of this, the figure of 30 years is not reached. It seems it was concocted to prove the legitimacy of the first three Caliphs.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: View this page in our App. Some have calculated the period of Caliphate of Imam Ali a.

Bahut Shukria keh apne aisi haiwaj kitabain bhi rakhhi hain jazakumullah.

According to Taftazani, the Caliphate of Umar was 10 years. You have done what an immense work, may Allah reward you here and the next world.