Batman’ın Hasankeyf ilçesindeki Ilısu Barajı’nın tamamlanmasıyla, baraj gölü altında kalacak tarihi eserleri, ziyaretçiler, tüplü dalışla. and the cultural heritage. Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Archaeometry, Hasankeyf (Turkey). Hasankeyf: Tarihi Yansıtan Kültürel Bir Miras. (Arkeometrik Yaklaşım). Hasankeyf tarihi pdf files. This file contains additional information such as exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software.

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Hasankeyf June The Aq Qoyunlu dynasty was headed by Uzun Hassan from to Thank you for taking time to make these photos available to the world. This included 15 castles, along with the cities of Singara and Nisibisbut not their inhabitants, and the fortress of Castra Maurorum. As a Turk and a professional photographer living and working in New Zealand, I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs and commentary. I agree that some photos of Batman would be nice to post if you have them. Hasankeyf Koc Camii The Artukid Emperor Dawoud reigned the area as a subject of the Seljuks during this period.

As such, the bridge became a structure for the defense of the city. Churches and mosques were also carved into the cliffs and numerous ancient cemeteries exist throughout the hasanjeyf. I used a fish eye a lot, some shots are bizarre, but they show how much there is to see in a rather compact space.

Hasankeyf’in son günleri: Ilısu barajı ne vadediyor?

Later Artokids and Ajjadubids ruled, until the Mongols plundered it so thoroughly in that it never regained its glory. The shrine is currently moved to a new location to avoid inundation by the rising waters of the nearby dam.

Geschichte — Grammatik — Texte — Glossar.

Historical sources relate that this arch was in the form of a wooden swing bridge. It seemed inevitable that all of hasakneyf region’s cities, including Hisn Kayfa, would fall to the Mongols, and indeed most of them did.


Street shots give the full flavor of the town and bring it down to earth. Kiphas appears most likely to have been captured during the Muslim conquest of Armenia inshortly after the conquest of Nisibis. Stephen Humphreys speculates that Uasankeyf was offered control of Amida and Hisn Kayfa in return for joining the alliance.

Metropolitan municipalities are bolded. Because I am gasankeyf Batman and I think it deserves to be introduced and shown with some photos. The age of the old bridge is unknown, it has been restored in by the Ortokid Fahr ed-Din Kara Arslan.

File:Hasankeyf Tarihi Köprüsünün Kalintilarinin Kaleden – Wikimedia Commons

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Once tariyi citadel fell to the Ayyubid forces, al-Kamil immediately installed his year-old son, as-Salih Ayyubas governor of both Amida and Hisn Kayfa, beginning the period of Ayyubid rule over the Diyar Bakr. Turkey km Syria 40 km Iraq 1, km. Retrieved 20 October By the sixth century, the Persians were mounting frequent attacks on the eastern border of the Byzantine empire. Parts of the bridge deck have been turned into a garden, in which traces belonging to the original parts of the bridge can be seen.

According to the information provided by lbn Shaddad, a 13th century writer, there was a wooden section of the arch, in the middle of the bridge. The economy of the region gradually shrank tarrihi the 14th and early 15th centuries, according to historian Thomas Alexander Sinclairbut this probably did not cause any population decline in the cities of Mardin or Hisn Kayfa, where building continued uninterrupted.

There are no inscriptions on the bridge. We will construct this dam at any cost. Hasankeyf the new bridge According to the Bugday Associationbased in Turkey, Ms. When as-Salih Ayyub died suddenly on 12 NovemberTuranshah had to be recalled in a hurry to take control of the Ayyubid empire. Between the 9th and 7th centuries BC it was part of the Neo-Assyrian Empireand by the mid-6th century it was part of the Median empire. The surviving arch of the bridge is an ogee arch with two centers. Hassan’s army of light cavalry was routed by Mehmed II ‘s Ottoman forces, armed with rifles and cannon, at the Battle of Otlukbeli near Erzincan in August Hasankeyf Kale walk Anyway,thanks a lot for your wonderful photos!.


Another abutment is on the river bank and another one is on land. Place in Batman, Turkey. Hasankeyf Zeynel Bey Turbe b. Hasankeyf in Batman Province of Turkey. In commemoration, the Mausoleum of Zeynel Bey was erected in Hasankeyf in about on the orders of either Uzun Hassan, or Zeynel’s elder brother, Khalil. Mongol rule of the region continued untiland this badly damaged both trade and agriculture, which had been the sources of the region’s prosperity. From Canada 37 years born in Mardin and an Architect,my father always told us about Hasanheyf but I have never seen taarihi.

I am totally in love with Hasankeyf, there is so much Turkish history there from the Artuks and Eyyubids, it woud really be a shame for it to go underwater. Hasankeyf View on Tigris Hasankeyf Kale walk view on palace The town is to be submerged by the waters of an artifical lake, like there are a lot in these areas the Ilisu Dam Project hasankwyf protests against the cultural vandalism involved.

It is estimated that 20, people in Hasankeyf will be displaced.

However, all of the abutments are underwater during the flood season. One of the largest bridges of its time, hhasankeyf structure consisted of four or five large arches, with the middle arch being the largest. Any ideas will be appreciated. The balance of power in the region shifted significantly in