Handreiking ‘Onderzoek integriteitsschendingen politieke ambtsdragers’ Discriminatie · Seksuele Intimidatie · Verbale agressie en geweld · Fysieke. Handreiking voor lokale vei- ligheidsarrangementen. .. Van kwaad tot erger: wordt geweld nu ook gedemocra- tiseerd? ook de dreiging van terrorisme en de problematiek van agressieve passagiers ko- men aan bod in. van agressie of geweld op het werk, waarvan ongeveer een derde langer Onder agressie en geweld wordt verstaan voorvallen waarbij een.

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Dit is bedoeld als handreiking voor gemeenten om te kunnen zorgen dat.

handreiking agressie en geweld pdf

However, studies have not shown which lifestyle characteristics are mediating the relationship between being young and male, and experiencing workplace violence. Deze afspraken zijn vastgelegd in ELA eenduidige landelijke afspraken. According to previous studies, various situational characteristics explain differences in victimisation of emergency responders.

Driessen, Geweld tegen de brandweer [ Violence against Firefighters ] ; Gates et al. It is important to bear our other goals in mind when considering these adjustments, especially in the context of emergency care.

In many general victimisation studies, passive and aggressive behaviour have been found to be related to victimisation. In addition, tension between acting with the risk of inviting violence and spectating with the risk of handreikking avoiding violence is maybe even more difficult for professionals responsible for safety. The Weak Dike Dilemma 2: These were developed around the same time late s and are often used in combination.

Aanpak en preventie van huiselijk geweld: In addition to possible characteristics related to workplace violence against emergency responders, I addressed how studying characteristics geeld targets handreikinh workplace violence are sometimes interpreted as blaming the victim, which could have negative side effects such as less research and knowledge about workplace violence and how to prevent it.


Een van die afspraken gaat over de wachttijd voor de aangifte. Save this PDF as: Naar een effectieve aanpak van agressie en geweld. In the context of aagressie theories and in particular the victim precipitation theory, the study of victims originated from the culture of the criminal law, focusing on degrees of innocence or blame for events.

Omgaan met fysiek agressief gedrag by Stephanie Peters on Prezi

This comes with the idea that people have a responsibility to protect themselves: It would be interesting to study which characteristics are indicators of external workplace violence experienced by emergency responders, and by which emergency responders.

Therefore, by increasingly allowing victim characteristics to be studied, we gain more knowledge on how to prevent victimisation, for example by using this knowledge in training for professionals.

A risk in studying victim characteristics in gewld violence, such as their psychological or behavioural characteristics, is that it might be considered blaming the victim. Social Media in the Public Sector Preliminary study: De handreiking is een praktisch naslagwerk Overall, the differences in experiencing workplace violence raise the following question: For emergency responders, the fear of blaming the victim may be even more present, as emergency responders are important for the safety of society.

Thank you very much.

The explanation that is commonly given for blaming the victim to occur is that people tend to believe in a just world. For example whereas dominant behaviour was suggested to increase the likelihood of experiencing violence, this behaviour could also be necessary for certain work tasks, such as arresting citizens for police officers.

Socio-demographic characteristics that have previously been studied in relation to workplace violence of emergency responders are typically age and gender. Integraal Veilig Hoger Onderwijs Verwacht: Therefore, reducing workplace violence of emergency responders is a priority for the political agenda in many countries. Due to recommendations in the VN treaty on fighting corruption, it was decided to situate the Dutch National Integrity Office outside the Ministry, and within the CAOP, which is the Netherlands’ largest knowledge and service centre for the labour market and labour relations within the public domain.


Careful and respectful communication about the topic could be a solution. Handreiking Agressie en Geweld Publicatie Help me to find this handreiking agressie en geweld pdf. In this way, knowledge on workplace violence will be gained and effective prevention strategies can be developed.

Essays in Honour of Ronald V.

Probably, psychological characteristics are not directly, but rather indirectly related to victimisation. Therefore, it is important to study workplace violence in this population. With permission from Fischer and Van Reemst, above n.

Habdreiking, the frequency of contact of citizens varies between professions, with police officers having the most and firefighters having the least contact with citizens. Monitor agressie en geweld Rapport Rijksoverheid. Characteristics based on the victim precipitation theory could be addressed by training or selection.

Therefore, classic victimisation theories have rarely been applied to workplace violence against emergency responders. Zij zijn cruciaal bij de uitvoe-ring van het agressiebeleid en hebben een belangrijke voor-beeldfunctie.

Studies have shown that experiencing workplace violence may have several, potentially severe, consequences. Therefore, studies using these theories rarely, or indirectly, describe handreikingg characteristics that may influence the motivation of the offender, thereby lacking a possibly important element for explaining workplace violence.

The extent of external workplace violence varies depending on the definition of workplace violence.

This idea was further developed among others by Sparks, 61 x R.