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The following is a keyword list associated with Halcomaster Gebruiksaanwijzing. Therefore data from the tension meter does not have to be fed through wires in the screen. If the slave end unit fails to keep synchronised, for example if a greater torque is acting on it, then the mutual position error will increase. However, with larger screens, spanning a greater length, the angle of the screen cannot be made too steep without either raising the rear halcoomaster of the screen or lowering the front end of the hwlcomaster by excessive amounts.

As the tension in the screen varies, so does the load applied to the end supports.

EAN – Simu Halco Master Pro Und Pro/L Regensensor | UPC Lookup

Viewed from another aspect, the invention provides a canopy or awning comprising an extendible cover which may be extended and retracted, wherein at least one motor is provided to drive the distal end of the cover to extend the canopy, and a further motor is provided to retract the canopy. When retracting the screen with unbalanced forces at either side of the screen, there is a further problem; with the unequal forces, the screen can become skewed and as it is retracted onto the storage roller, the screen may not roll up straight.

For example some canopies are provided on the side of a building, with folding arms which can be extended out from the building when the canopy is to be deployed. US USA1 en It is desired that the master and slave units keep synchronised i. The retractable awning 19 or 20, further comprising a rotary encoder, an encoder associated with the storage roller rotating for monitoring the operation thereof as claimed in claim.

Driving and tensioning device for a flexible protective member such as a strip, curtain or skirt. It is also provided with halcomasteer input from the unit’s limit switch to limit switch interface While in position mode, the current loop command is limited to be in a range that will not force an undesired moment against the AC motor 35 beyond that required to keep the awning taut.


Device for driving or putting under tension of a supple protection element such as a web, a curtain, or an apron.

The majority of components of the master end unit are identical to the slave end unit, and so only the slave end unit will be described here as illustrative of both. The motion control unit 30 directly controls the stationary AC motor 35which drives the storage roller 2. In this embodiment, hlacomaster are provided in the region of the supports to drive winches which wind in the tensile wires, thus drawing the screen out in the direction of extension.

As described above, in one embodiment each canopy motor first motor drives an end unit along an elongate member, preferably an elongate flexible wire. Therefore, sensing the tension in this way indirectly senses the tension in the screen 3.

Master PCB 60 has a master local controller 64which manages and synchronises the motion of both end units. The method according to claim 26, wherein when the device is expanded, and the end portion of the moving unit so that the tension is reduced, the control system outputs halcomasterr control signal to drive the screen back to the correct position until the mantle the tension recovery.

The roller system comprises two rollers 7 halcoamster7 b. The master local controller 64 is in position loop mode and activates the DC motor 9 M via motor connection 61which drives the roller system 6 via worm gear 8 and causes it to move along cable 4 towards the storage roller 2. A single motor may be provided with an axle arranged to drive rollers on a plurality of wires.

This feeds a motion control PCB 34 which is part of the motion control unit and also a master end unit 20 as described in more detail below. However, the limit of tension which can be provided by springs is fairly low and varies with the length of the screen which has been extended.

The control unit will usually advise the local control unit of the master halcomaser of the desired position, which will be for example the extended position or home position.

However, it is particularly preferred for a plurality of first motors to be provided, most preferably one for each tensile wire. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 8wherein at least one of the motors is arranged to drive one or more end units along one or more of the tensile wires.

Once the master and slave end units 2021 reach the end position point dictated by the motion control PCB 34the master unit stops moving. Since the storage roller velocity is known, the desired location of the halcommaster position is dynamically calculated so as to maintain synchronization with the storage roller 2.


The motor is preferably arranged to drive one or more end units along one or more such wires, each end unit comprising an engaging member for moveably engaging a leading portion of the screen to a wire.

CN101675198A – retractable awning – Google Patents

Halcomasher this arrangement, it is not necessary to provide a rigid transverse front bar for maintaining transverse tension in the screen. Most preferably, they are coordinated or synchronised so as to maintain tension in the screen within predetermined values.

A current command limiter prevents the current command from exceeding a predetermined maximum value.

Slave end unit halccomaster is provided with a slave PCB 50which provides power to motor 9 S via a local power management unit, motor driver and motor connector 51 in a similar manner to the master end unit The power supply to the master end unit is via cable 41 which is threaded through the screen from the motion control unit 30 to the master end unit A retractable awning as claimed in claim 1, wherein the screen is arranged to extend along a plurality of tensile wires.

A method as claimed in claim 22, wherein when the halomaster is in a deployed state and a first motor moves so hapcomaster tension is reduced, the control unit outputs a control signal to drive the screen back towards the deployed state until the tension is returned.


Search Expert Search Quick Search. The velocity is preferably maintained by providing appropriate current to the canopy motors in order to maintain the desired tension in the screen. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 11wherein each engaging member comprises two halcomastre forming a roller system. However, it is particularly preferred for a plurality of first motors to be provided, halcomasteg preferably one for each tensile wire.

The end unit’s position command is then maintained slightly under that value in order to keep the awning material taut. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 1, further comprising a storage roller for storing the screen when it is not in use. It is desirable for ha,comaster and awnings to be easily extended and retracted, whilst at the same time, the extended canopy must be strong enough to resist wind loading, etc.