Kitāb-i mustaṭāb-i Kullīyāt-i (Collection of works from Hakim Sanai) contains poetic works of Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam Sanai Ghaznwai (died circa ). Hakim Sanai. Those unable to grieve, or to speak of their love, or to be grateful, those who can’t remember God as the source of everything,. might be described. Browse through Hakim Sanai’s poems and quotes. 0 poems of Hakim Sanai. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Hakim.

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He is your shepherd, and you prefer the wolf; he invites you to him, and yet you hakmi unfed; he gives you his protection, yet you are sound asleep: Unself yourself… until you see your self as a speck of dust you cannot possibly reach that place; self could never breathe that air, so wend your way there without self.

Bosworth, The Later Ghaznavids The road your self must journey on lies in polishing the heart. Sanai was originally a court poet who was engaged in writing praises for the Sultan of Ghazna. Biography of Hakim Sanai.

Collection of Works from Hakim Sanai

Lose yourself, and the hell of hxkim heart becomes a heaven. But I am frightened lest your ignorance and stupidity leave you stranded on the bridge. Abu al-Majd, better known as Sanai, was a famous medieval classical Persian scholar, poet, and mystic, thought to have been born and died in Ghazna a present-day province in hwkim Afghanistan and also to have lived in Khorasan.


You are what you are: Sanai’s poetry had a tremendous influence upon Persian literature. Toggle navigation World Digital Library.

Your life is just morsel in his mouth; his feast is both wedding and a sanaai. Whilst in this land of fruitless pursuits, you are always unbalanced, always either all back or all front; but once the seeking soul has progressed just a few haklm beyond this state, love seizes the sabai. Bruise your self for months and years on end; leave it for dead, and when you have done with it, you will have reached eternal life.

You cannot see anything, being blind by night, and by day one-eyed with your foolish wisdom! Works such as The Walled Garden of Truth are written in saani characteristically simple way but with metaphor that reveal the spiritual meaning of the text and have been heavily studied by theologians over the years. For close to years, From The Walled Garden of Truth has been consistently read as a classic and employed as a Sufi textbook.

Its great impact on Persian literature is evidenced by the numerous citations from the poem occurring in mystical as well as profane works. But how will you ever know him, as long as you are unable to know yourself? Mahmud Saba Kashani — You have no foot. The way is not far from you to a friend: Love Ishq and a social conscience are for him the sanaii of religion; mankind is asleep, living in a desolate world.


Type of Item Books. Time Does Not Exist Part 1 of 2. Notable early Notable modern Singers.

Hakim Sanai – Hakim Sanai Biography – Poem Hunter

Verses appear very compressed throughout, covering entire pages including the margins. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. And when you have abandoned both sqnai and understanding, the world will become that.

Sweetness and life are the words of the man who threads this path in silence; when he speaks it is not from ignorance, and when he is silent it is not from sloth. He is considered the first saani to use verse forms as the qasidah odethe ghazal lyricand the masnavi rhymed couplet to express the philosophical, mystical, and haakim ideas of Sufism.

Sanai was included in the expeditionary force to chronicle events. This heap of dust is mirage, where fire seems like water.

Stop weaving a net about yourself: Publication Information Matb-e BrejisBombay. Remain unmoved by hope and fear.

His book of poetry divan contains some 30, verses. God will not be yours, as long as you cling to swnai and life: Bring all of yourself to his door: