LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOK – hairspray .. I’VE GOT MY HAIRSPRAY AND RADIO .. event will be none other than our own ULTRA CLUTCH HAIRSPRAY. Hairspray Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the John Travolta musical. Mar 12, Description. Download Hairspray – Libretto. This is the. l. ‘ Book by MARK O’DONNELL and THOMAS MEEHAN. Music by MARC SHAIMAN. Lyrics by SCOTT WITTMAN and MARC 9HAIMAN. Based on the New Line.

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I’ll eat some brea kfast, Then change the world!

It was the kids Isaw. That I’m the sand. Sure it is, hon. After Tracy eventually made it on the show, there was a song “The New Girl in Town”, which was sung first by the Council girls and later by the black Girls.

Show Essentials Book by. Hey, here they come! Your mama’s welcoming the sixties Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Then you better keep an eye on me. Girls l i ke Tracy Ed na, is my la u nd ry ready? Can I do that?


Nicest kids in town. Today’sjust the start ‘ca use I can hea r the bells. I can hear the bells Hairspra can hear the bells I can hear the bells. But whether or not they’re on TV won’t get me a record ing contract.

Okay, I’ll do it! V9u rea lly got it going on. EDNA emergesfrom the shop looking resplendent. We’ll be live at Ba ltimore’s bra nd-new Eventori u m broadcasti ng nationwid e!

Von Tussle, how do you pla n to ha nd l e th is? Hey Tracy, hey Tracy Look at me!


The reason it can’t be The kinda world. Now that’s a skil l you could ta ke right to the ba n k. Yes, I know that the world’s spinning fast now. There is nothin’ ’bout me. I’m the cutest chickie That ya ever did see. When that damn Shirley Temple Stole my frickin’ act. Keep the faith, ba by. Oh Mama’s Welcoming the sixties Welcoming the sixties. You better come on down And meet the.

Hairspray | Music Theatre International

At the Turnblad house, Edna is receiving calls from fans who saw Tracy on the show. Welcome to the sixties Oh oh oh oh oh.


I was thin ki ng it might be time to change that, too. The darker the chocolate Oo The richer the taste. Li n k La rki n actually spoke to me. The nicest kids in town. This is my sister, Little I nez. First impressions can be tough Ooh’s And when I saw you, I knew it.

Wel l, I brought my own 45s, so if you put ’em on, I’ll show you my stuff! Please keep i n mi nd, tip pi ng is permitted. Tracy,that was you I saw!

A glamorous blackfemale trio magically step out of a poster that promotes their upcoming concert. I still don’t care for them. But if the truth be told. We’ll hairsoray the world what’s right.

And that was ou r new dance of the week-the “Stricken Chicken. How could I be mad? Lights shift in the rv studio. As you lie in bed. Just l ike a ton of bricks, yes my Hea rt burst.