Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Haircut. Ring Lardner (–) From Ring Lardner: Stories & Other Jonathan Yardley, in his authoritative biography of Ring Lardner. Ring Lardner’s short story “Haircut” is rich in the rhetorical device that I would call thematic nomenclature. The author uses proper names to reflect im-.

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I appreciate how nicely Lardner could bring out the sharp contrast of how people react to a Jim Kendall in a community. I found this online at: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

When Doc first come to town, Paul seemed to feel like here was a real friend and he hung round Doc’s office most of the w’ile; the only time he wasn’t there was when he’d go home to eat or sleep or when he seen Julie Gregg coin’ her shoppin’. Posted by Charles May at Well, Jim waited till he had Doc Stair’s voice down pat; then he went after revenge.

The only thing is that naircut don’t feel like talkie’ to them and you get kind of lonesome. American short stories Short stories by Ring Lardner.

Henry Prize stories part 1 1 O. They cost pretty near twice as much, but they fit a whole lot better than if you just bought them in a store.

Reading Alice Munro’s “Family Furnishings”. And now Jim said he was canned himself.

Story of the Week: Haircut

Reminds me of when I went to the barber shop when I was a kid and it was the gathering place of the small town. You’re a newcomer, ain’t you? Temporal Form in the Short Story 1 St.


When somebody comes in Doc Stair’s office, they’s a bell that rings in his inside office so he can tell they’s somebody to see him. Open Preview See a Problem? He hangs around the barbershop frequently, and as the barber’s recollections unfold—this eulogy that will condemn—it becomes clear that Kendall is both an alcoholic and haorcut.

That was another of his gags, callin’ head bean and callin’ haircutt people cuckoo. I liked it o When he looked out Doc’s window and seen her, he’d run downstairs and join her and tag along with her to the different stores.

The barber, who is adept at storytelling, imagines what happened then. Some writers are referred to as “a writer’s writer,” a designation that suggests they are mainly appreciated by other write Jim had an infatuation with Julie Gregg, who showed no interest in return; she was infatuated with “Doc” Stair a young physician who also served as the local coroner who was not similarly interested.

While Lardner’s fiction continued to remain humorous on the surface, it moved toward irony that exposed man’s folly and inhumanity in a small-town society of his own making. Ultimately, though the barber doesn’t understand it, Jim pays for his practical jokes and a very dear price at vy.

But she broke loose and before he could stop her, she run in the next room and locked the door and phoned to Joe Barnes. Only he’d of said bean instead of head. He’d drop in here Saturdays and tell his experiences for that week. Nov 06, Mirtha Dominguez rated it liked it. Nov 14, Sepideh Tafazzoli rated it it was amazing.

Haircut–Ring Lardner ()

While the barber is talking about a person, he will jump ting another person in his story right before he finishes talking about the last person. He wanted Julie Gregg and worked his head off tryin’ to land her.


So she’d heard they was a new doc in town and decided to give him a try.

Julie wanted to sell the place and move somewhere else after the old man died, but the mother said she was born here and would die here. I just charge three dollars because personally I don’t mind much shavin’ a dead person. He said Paul had told him about the joke Jim had played on Julie. I suppose he was plottin’ to get Paul out in the boat and play some joke on him, like pushin’ him in the water.

Jim didn’t deny nothin’ and kind of laughed it off and said for us all to wait; that lots of people had tried to make a monkey out of him, but he always got even.

Jim had shot a few ducks and then give the gun to Paul and told him to try his luck. But I was goin’ to tell you about a poor boy we got here in town-Paul Dickson. Jg Correa rated it liked it May 18, Doc done all he could to improve Paul’s mind and he told me once that he really thought the boy was getting better, that they was times when he was as bright and sensible as anybody else.

Haircut (short story)

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He let fire and Jim sunk back in the boat, dead. I wouldn’t even mind if it was wood alcohol.