Apr 28, Guthrie Govan – Shawn Lane style licks lesson. When you want to play altered jazz guitar lines over a dominant 7th chord, there is an easy and efficient good option which consists of playing a major triad. [MEDIA] “There will never be another Shawn Lane” Govan did a series of lessons on Shawn’s style in a UK guitar mag a fw years ago iirc.

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Failing to follow this guideline will result in a thread removal. Those left hand tapped harmonics, man. I’m just telling you that if you think that those styles of music don’t have melody, you’re utterly wrong. This govzn an uncommon trait.

Mattias IA Eklundh has some very laen technique chops that I don’t think anyone else can replicate too. I refuse to believe you are not a troll.

I don’t know anyone that can play like him that can craft a song anywhere near his ability.

Not totally my favorite style of music, but he’s ther only instrumental-rock type of player who can bring technical ability to musicality. I can see him being like Jeff Beck when he is Not a nashville guy. Guitar submitted 2 years ago by BavidDrent. I do think YouTube is a mixed blessing in some ways, though. Everything sounds like Cliffs of Dover to me. As a result of the BBC-funded nature of the event, we had the luxury of rehearsing and arranging everything meticulously as a piece band… and then an additional choir and string section turned up for the actual show.


I need to believe that to maintain faith in reddit and in this sub. Eric Johnson is phenom yet, I still think he’s hit that progression plateau.

Why would this be downplaying ability? Let’s also not forget how fast he can actually play.

He can’t do much in terms of sweeping. I could say the same, dont tell me its melodic simply because you like it.

Guthrie Govan on Shawn Lane

I learned a tremendous tuthrie from both of them during that week. Agreed, I don’t think there is a guitarist out there that not only play so many styles, but integrate those styles into their music. I think there are a few virtuosos with his ability. He’s far from a “Shredder”.


C2AyeSep 12, Guthrie has very musical phrasing that sounds somewhere between a human voice and a saxophone. He’s still the man though. Some are simply much more popular than others.

The first one is gguthrie a high production Victory Amps commercial lol. To be fair, I can understand why any rational music fan would prefer to acquire a product for nothing rather than paying for it — economically speaking, who could fail to find that appealing?


He also shows that blues guys etc should not play fast, use the phrasing and emotion, because playing fast for fasts sake is just stupid and he agrees, So many people just play fast and dont give their music a chance to breathe and come up for air. We like to promote discussion.

Where do you see your musical endeavours going in the next 5 years or so? I actually think the process is more complex than the question suggests.


Please remember we are a civil community. If you watch some old footage, I think lezson is also what really set Eddie Van Halen apart back in the day. And there’s somebody probably nobody has ever heard of who is better than all of them.

It is what separates shredding from musicality. He just didn’t like sweeping that much. You have to be trolling.