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These things will stop slowly from 2nd May onwards when Guru enter Meena Adicharam. UthiradamThiruvonam, Avittam The only thing in your hands is watch your expenses. Second half when guru takes adhicharam, things will remain same if pearchi worse.

Restrain from arguing as it may lead to quarrel and cases. Keep your cool till 2nd May. Astama Turu Guru in eight place which is your ayul Stanam is not good especially for your health.

Guru Peyarchi Palan | Tamil Brahmins Community

Marriages might have happened and few couples added a new member to their family. Few may quit the job voluntarily either because of pressures or punishment transfers. Errors will not be forgiven.

Son is working Dauther is studying BE. This Guru Peyarchi is not good for anyone in Rishabha rasi. Avoid investing in a single place or medium. When a person already employed find it difficult to continue in the same job, just imagine the fate of unemployed. Simply… Its like Blessings in Disguise. Check whats in store for you next year. During Jun-Oct, the loans you might have bought during the first 4 months, will be settled.


After April, ahissaramGuru will be in Labha Sthanam 11th house — Meenam and you may have a cozy life.

Kanni [UthiramHastham, Chithirai ]. Minimise the expenses to keep the business floating. Health deteriorate in first half, Make good in the lalangal My native place is near trichy. But if you manage to stay till 2nd May,the problem will reduce to a great extent.

Guru Peyarchi – 15th Dec to 21st Nov

General Prediction for different category of people are displayed here. But peyacrhi may not able to avoid it. Also, light 5 lamps to Dakshinamurthy every Thursday. Status Not open for further replies. Dakshinamurthy will help you in hard time. Will have a tough time in office. Hence, work harder than your friends and classmates. Peyarcni the Guru Adhisaram starts from 2nd May to Meena Rasi, chances of getting a job will be on the cards.


Now, Guru is coming to 2nd House Dhana Sthanam where you can earn more and cover the loss suffered last year. Maham, Pooram, Uthiram 1.


Those who are unmarried has a slight chance of finding their partner during Jun-Oct peyarrchi Hi all, For those who cannot go to Guru Parihara sthalams themselves can very well use the service of Parihara. Tough time is ahead. Medical expenses will mount.

But settle for any job till November as you need to pass this period quietly. Take a vow to defeat them in exam. Better to take medical insurance to your family since in the case of emergency, you may not have a penny to palangql.

Guru Peyarchi – 15th Dec 2009 to 21st Nov 2010

Income will slightly increase. Eventhough its not a good sign, he is your guest. Yajur Veda Thrikala Sandhyavandanam in tamil pdf Latest: Palajgal Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. But save for the second half. Politics and Current Affairs.