“GURPS Gun Fu has everything you need for action-packed cinematic GURPS gunplay: A description and explanation of what the gun fu genre is and how to. Rules · Subscriptions · Bookmarks · Search · Account · Moderators. RPG Item: GURPS Gun Fu» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. GURPS 4e – Basic Set – , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e – Basic Set GURPS 4e – Gun , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e.

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Stars Without Number Revised dropping the psychic class or swapping it for whatever Labyrinth Lord Class you want and all the sci-fi weapons and armors along with first edition Martial Arts Supplement.

Basically I am looking for something bun the vein of Cowboy Bebop or Final Fantasy games like 7, 13, or You need to login to do this. Scionwhile not inherently an example of this trope, is a game where the player characters are half-divine heroes with reality-bending powers and, frequently, celestially-augmented weapons including handguns.

In City of Heroesthis was to gurpw embodied by the Martial Combat powerset, due to be released with Issue Leaping out of an exploding building and using an Uzi to shoot up the frozen lake below to soften the impact of landing having already used a revolver to soften up the window before leaping through it.

Coyote Starrk, a character in Bleach shows he has these skills when his twin automatic pistols come out. Preview of the PDF Bibliography. Below are some clips and examples of scenes that showcase the kinda feel I am going for, especially the Bladerunner clip.

In addition, the Gunslinger Adept in SR4 was designed with Gun Fu in mind, using magic to augment his gunfighting skills.

GURPS Gun Fu | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In Devil May Cry gurpeit’s even possible to hover in midair by firing both pistols downwards. They are both free for one thing.

fh The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day has a chapter that’s a parody of The Matrixallowing Conker to do some awesome mid-air flips and somersaults while gunning down enemies in slow-motion. Bayonetta and her fellow Umbra Witches take this trope to its illogical extreme: Every character in Hong Kong Action Theatrein addition to knowing Kung Fu, can also shoot with gusto using his or her default Skill rating.


Those who are truly skilled, and idiots. Want to add to the discussion?

Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann does this with her Sniper Rifle using it as a staff to take out the beastmen surrounding her during one episode as well as in the movie. Boogaloo gurpd a send up of 90′ s Gun Fu films and involves a ton dodges, rolls, stylish kills, and back flips off everything including your enemies’ faces. It’s implied he’s the one who taught Revy the ways of Gun Fu. Cyberpunk has a Pacific Cu expansion that gets close to this.

It’s essentially martial arts Although both involve Improbable Aiming Skills.


The firearms are usually used as melee gufpsusing the metal barrels to add weight to their blows and parry the blades of their opponents, but their powers are focused on mobility and reaction time, which usually results in this trope when faced with large mobs.

Stranglehold is a video game sequel to John Woo’s Hard Boiled interestingly enough there are talks of making a live action movie for the game and does an excellent job of replicating the Gun Fu of the movie in a videogame. The Who ‘s tu My Wife.

BUT, if you only want one time period you can ignore all that, and just stay in one time gurs. I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for but it certainly has the potential to be. And then there’s Mr. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for Guun — as well as many of our other game lines. If you’re looking for cinematic firearm action, simply slide along the floor with both guns blazing, release the doves, and pick up a copy of GURPS Gun Fu!

The Mightiest Disciple has a character named Jenny who is a master of using guns as if it were a martial art.

Worlds in which hand to hand combat and gunfire just sorta coexist together and lots of people getting into sweet brawls that sometimes have guns or modern ranged weapons involved and sometimes don’t.

Lex from Paladins is a Flank champion who slides around the battlefield and mows down foes with his two large magnums. And then there’s the Gun Schticks one can get if you create a gun-using character in Feng Shuimost of which are meant to simulate the crazy-ass shit that Gun Fu practitioners can pull off in Heroic Bloodshed movies.


Said hired killer is revealed to be a Hit-monkey. Don’t forget Golden Exhalation Style, for when you want to reload your gun with personal life energy, parry bolts of fire, and reload your weapon with the flame-stream of your enemy’s gun.

Dozens of new shooting techniques. Jak is a black belt in Gun Fu, with a favorite technique being a combination of his jumping spin kick with the Blaster or the Vulcan Fury. You will have to tweak or pull out some of the more space-centric Foci, but that depends on how Cowboy Beboppy you’re aiming for. Also, with GM approval you can take a martial arts specialization in clubs, in order to use your two pistols in melee combat.

Looks interesting, is the time travel portion of the game very important? Vash, Wolfwood and the Gung-ho Guns in particular. While pistols are the most common weapon, it can also be done with anything else you could reasonably consider a firearm – Uzis, the Sawn-Off Shotguneven rocket launchers, as long as you hold it in your hands and fire it.

This is especially pronounced during the club scene, where he kills his way through a lot of guys at close range, point-blanking them so as not to risk hitting the bystanders surrounding him. My group tries to avoid time travel because we’ve all read Flash comics and know how all that goes.

The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. Ironically, her long-ranged combat is almost nonexistent. What really fits the wuxia theme for me with it is how combat works. The default settings is more magipunk than modern but that part should be easy to change.

Occasionally, they mix in a little standard martial arts. Plus it’s got the interplanetary travel thing ready to go if you want to lean heavy into the Cowboy Bebop side of things.