GURPS Autoduel was one of the first worldbooks ever published for the GURPS system – over ten years ago! Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car . A few things to make car-design easier and more Car-Warsish in GURPS Autoduel. In the 96 pages of GURPS Autoduel, you’ll find: Detailed vehicle design rules. Choose your own tires, engine, suspension, weapons, and accessories — to fit.

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It’s generally considered discourteous to point your weapons at somebody unless they’re approaching your home or approaching in a threatening manner. Also, they hate people who don’t speak French. A hazard can be debris in the road, an oil slick from an oil jet or the impact of getting hit with a rocket, while a turn is literally any turn.

But this time, the cars, the guns and the road have changed. It notes that archaic weapon skills are more common than in modern day due to the prevalence of things like professional gladiatorial fighting. Retrieved from ” https: Cities are looted while people flee to rural areas, where they conflict with locals over land.

The Road Atlases presented the biggest challenge: The RCMP runs around in armed cars trying to shoot them.

  BSI 25999-2 PDF

gurpss Role-playing Reviews Dragon Issue – Sep San Francisco is the financial and tourism center of the West Coast. Sounds too good to be true.

First thing, unlearn everything you knew about designing cars. This was a smorgasbord of Denis Loubet art. How do you squeeze the contents of seven books, gursp well as new material for the Southwest, Alaska, Hawaii and all the ADQ entries, into 40 pages? A detailed history and description of “Autoduel America”. An in-joke about Michael Jackson? Mostly returned to wilderness, though there are cattle herders, and the University of Nebraska’s combat football team is much more popular than duelling here.

The Carboard Heroes line was about to go on hiatus. We were asked augoduel only two people during playtest, “What happened to the war? I supported because… “RPGGeek is a part of everyday life for me.

Blue Room & Cumberland Games

Ultimately, the purpose of this is to show the appeal of being willing to make big bucks in arena bloodsports, but it doesn’t quite follow. We get some generalities that local laws vary widely in the setting. Pyramid subscribers are permitted to read this article online, or download it and print out a single hardcopy for personal use. Autoduelling in Motion Vehicle Movement The first thing that’s done away with for the vehicle rules is the phased movement from Car Wars.


Outlaws, like biker gangs and bandits, have a much more severe Social Stigma. Psychologists concluded that death sports helped their audiences cope with their own deepening frustrations – with the worsening economy, with tightening government control, with the overall stress of modern living – by viewing these murderous sports and an vicariously “murdering” every obstacle in their way.

There are several reasons for this. Houston is only really known for its fortified university – the rest of the city is run by savages. Russia, on the other gjrps, seizes government control of any and all food supplies to enforce order.

GURPS Autoduel

Las Vegas waned as a gambling capital and instead has become a center for Autodjel production. As it says on the tin. Basic Set is all you need to start.

Each book contains descriptions of major cities and roads, and includes maps of some cities’ arenas. However, that doesn’t mean that corporate America isn’t on the rise again.

Arlington is the largest city, known for its industry.