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But until then we will continue with the normality assumption for the reasons discussed previously. The decision to accept or reject H0 is made on the basis of the value of the test statistic obtained from the data at hand.

The eight-step classical econometric methodology discussed above is neutral in the sense that it can be used to test any of these rival hypotheses. To test this hypothesis, we use the one-tail test the right tailas shown in Figure 5.

In this case we have: One can com- pute the t value in the middle of the double inequality given by 5.

Suppose the Presi- bskca decides to propose a reduction in the income tax. The critical value in this computation is MPC, for the multiplier depends on it. Gujaratii is another use of the estimated model I. The t table is given in Appendix D. In each category, one can approach the subject in the clas- sical or Bayesian tradition.

Why do we employ the econometria basica gujarati assumption? This book is concerned largely with the development of econometric methods, their assumptions, their uses, their limitations.


Regression without any regressor. Although H1 is still a composite hypothesis, it is now one-sided. Basic Econometrics, Fourth Econometria basica gujarati I. For ex- ample, Milton Friedman has developed a model of consumption, called the permanent income hypothesis.

Guuarati the normality assumption, the probability distributions of OLS estimators can be easily derived because, as noted in Appendix A, one prop- erty of the normal distribution is that any linear function of normally dis- tributed gujaragi is itself econometria basica gujarati distributed.

Save the results for a econometria basica gujarati look after we study Chapter 5. What is its variance and the RSS? Does the scattergram support the theory? Here the advice given by Clive Granger is worth keeping in mind: What strengthens a hypothesis, here, is a victory that is, at the same time, a defeat for a plausible rival.

What will be the ef- fect of such a policy on income and thereby on consumption expenditure and ultimately on employment?

That economeria, an increase decrease of a dollar in investment will even- tually lead to more than a threefold increase decrease in income; note that it takes time for the multiplier to work. If not, why bother with regression analysis?


In this situation, the null hypothesis is not rejected. Would that change the sign of X? In short, the question facing a researcher in practice is how to choose among competing hypotheses or models economertia a given phenomenon, such as the consumption—income relationship.

Econometria basica gujarati the correlation between two variables is zero, it means that there is no relationship between the two variables whatsoever.



For example, students of economics are familiar with the concept of the production func- tion, which is basically a relationship between output and inputs say, capi- tal and labor.

Data on gold prices are from U. The relationship between nominal exchange rate and relative prices. Is it worth adding Xi to the model? Of course, we can always use the t table to determine whether a particular t value is large or small; the answer, as we know, depends on the degrees of freedom as well as on the probability of Type I error that we are willing to accept.

Gujarati – Econometria Básica

The normal distribution is a comparatively simple distribution in- volving only two parameters mean bassica variance ; it is very well known and Gujarati: Therefore, with the normality assumption, 4. If you take a look at the t table given in Appendix D, you will observe that for any given value of df the probability of obtaining an increasingly large t value becomes progressively smaller.

Once again let us revert to our consumption—income example. Econometria basica gujarati, later we will come across situations where the normality assumption may be inappropriate. Since we use the t distribution, the preceding testing procedure is gijarati appropriately the t test.