The sixteen official documents—constitutions, decrees, and declarations—of the Second Vatican Council are now available from Liturgical. GRAVISSIMUM EDUCATIONIS Declaration of the Second Vatican Council on Christian education. The focus of this declaration is mainly threefold. It tells all. Study and Discussion Guide. Gravissimum Educationis. The Declaration on Christian Education. Vatican Council II. Promulgated by Pope Paul VI. October 28 .

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Regarding the principle of subsidiarity, cf.

By submitting this form, educatoinis are agreeing to our discussion guidelines. The Sacred Ecumenical Council has considered with care how extremely important education is in the life of man and how its influence ever grows in the social progress of this age. We might reasonably ask, then, whether Gravissimim Educationis has any relevance for the Church today.

Calvin Ohsey marked it as to-read Jun 15, It is particularly in the Christian family, enriched by the grace and office of the sacrament of matrimony, that children should be taught from their early years to have a knowledge of God according to the faith received in Baptism, to worship Him, and to love their neighbor.

At a time when by pretty general agreement many schools have become so bad, the home schooling movement has arisen out of the concerns of knowledgeable and responsible parents, who rightly wish more for their children than many schools today are providing.

Recommended for those who badmouth the Catholic principles, arguing that Catholic institutions just care about indoctrination. This, of course, is not possible in America today, where Catholic parents must pay separately for Catholic schools for their children even while they continue to support the public schools with their taxes. Discourses and Radio Message s, vol. The Church considers it as apostolic action of great worth also when Catholic teachers and associates work in these schools.

Discourses and Radio Messagesvol.

Is it a healthy movement? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Let them do all they can to stimulate their students to act for themselves and even after graduation to continue to assist them with advice, friendship and by establishing special associations imbued with the true spirit of the Church.


Declaration on the Rights of Man of Dec. Provincial Council of Westminster I, a. Consequently, the public power, which has the obligation to protect and defend the rights of citizens, must see to it, in its concern for distributive justice, that public subsidies are paid out in such a way that parents are truly free to choose according to their conscience the schools they want for their children.

We encourage a lively and honest discussion of our content. Consequently, attempts are being made everywhere to promote more education. Or to put the issue in more provocative terms: Collatio LacensisIII, col. Therefore the state must protect the right of children to an adequate school education, check on the ability of teachers and the excellence of their training, look after the health of the pupils and in general, promote the whole school project.

But let teachers recognize that the Catholic school depends upon them almost entirely for the accomplishment of its goals and programs. Consequently this sacred synod proclaims anew what has already been taught in several documents of the magisterium, 26 namely: In addition, therefore, to the rights of parents and others to whom the parents entrust a share in the work of education, certain rights and duties belong indeed to civil society, whose role is to direct what is required for the common temporal good.

In addition, let the universities also endeavor to work together by promoting international gatherings, by sharing scientific inquiries with one another, by communicating their discoveries to one another, by having exchange of professors for a time and by promoting all else that is conducive to greater assistance. Feb 19, Marie rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. Between pupils of different talents and backgrounds it promotes friendly relations and graviwsimum a spirit of mutual understanding; and it establishes as it were a center whose work and progress must be shared dducationis by families, teachers, associations of various types that foster cultural, civic, and religious life, as well as by civil society and the entire human community.

This brings me to my caveat: Catholic Colleges and Universities The Church is concerned also with schools of a higher level, especially colleges and universities.

Gravissimum Educationis: Declaration on Christian Education

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Hot Topics marriage middle east abortion. The work of these teachers, this sacred synod declares, is in the real sense of the word an apostolate most suited to and necessary for our times and at once a true service offered to society. Feeling very keenly the weighty responsibility of diligently caring for the moral and religious education of all her children, the Church must be present with her own special affection and help for the great number who are being trained in schools that are not Catholic.

If our faculty approach every discipline, from history to biology and English to engineering as Catholics, we can cumulatively build a vision of graviasimum illuminated by the light of faith. Patricia Rosales marked it as to-read Aug 12, Collatio Lacensis III, col. Christianity makes a educatiohis on every aspect of human life. Intimately linked in charity to one another and to their students and endowed with an apostolic spirit, may teachers by their life as much as by their instruction bear witness to Christ, the unique Teacher.

Encyclicals and Discourses of Paul VIvol.

Gravissimum educationis

Other books in the series. Deborah Mike marked it as to-read Feb 27, Let them be given also, as they advance in years, a positive and prudent sexual education. A Christian worldview is no longer the consensus that informs our culture. Faculties of Sacred Sciences The Church expects much from the gravissimum endeavors of the faculties of the sacred sciences. What still needs to be implemented in the document?

Catholic schools are perhaps more important today for the enterprise of Catholic education than they were graviasimum years ago. This Sacred Council of the Church earnestly entreats pastors and all the faithful to spare no sacrifice in helping Catholic schools fulfill their function in a continually more perfect way, and especially in caring for the needs of those who are poor in the goods of this world or who are deprived of the assistance and affection of a family or who are strangers to the gift of Faith.

Cooperation is the order of the day.