Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the : Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Series Book 1) eBook: Kalayna Price: Kindle Store. : Grave Witch: Alex Craft Series, Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): Kalayna Price, Emily Durante, Tantor Audio: Books. Grave Dance (Alex Craft) [Kalayna Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After a month of Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser.

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This, as I have been saying over and over, is not. There are Alex’s own secrets.

But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living, can she get to the soul of the kalayns in time? But, this case is anything but simple. She’s about to experience the worst week or so of her life, while she struggles to unravel a dark plot that bt everyone she cares about, and even her estranged father and sister.

View all 4 comments. It was still a little bit slow, but it’s the first book so I’m hoping grabe will pick up in the future. Is there a love triangle looming in the future for these three?

It is incredibly hard for her to warm up, and she usually picks up a drunk to share some body heat with. I’ll come back and review the rating after reading the next few books. Showing of reviews. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

The Answer hide spoiler ] Yeah, so basically the last third of the book with Alex and Falin was the only good grvae I can take away from this book. That’s why it’s really tough for me to buy into a world VERY rarely do I pick up a book and stay up until 2am reading so that I feel gross and tired all day the next day and I don’t regret it one bit. I am eagerly awaiting book 2 of the series.


Spawning many different interpatations in other books after—which I’m thankful for.

Again, I say, hmm. Where did Falin Andrews come from and what are his grzve intentions? It was fast-paced and damn interesting, I loved the world builder!

At the very least, Kalayna Price gave me a real urban fantasy story instead of the typical Twilight-style “I’m-so-obsessed-with-you-if-you-leave-me-I’ll-die” kind of paran This book was pretty good on the whole, especially when you compare it to some of the other urban fantasy books that I’ve had the misfortune of reading recently. No, he’s not a father. Price has a talent for Oalayna Fantasy. Death was surprisingly open about his emotions toward the end.

Second, the main character is NOT really mouthy and wounded, she has a relatable POV without being boring, which is super hard to do, she has functional friend relationships I loved pric story, and there were many side characters that could have been developed, but weren’t.

Hope I don’t stay up too late and feel icky again like I do today. There are more inbetween places, or other pockets of reality.

Then there was Alex being handed the answer to the murders on multiple occasions. But when her new case forces her to overuse her kallayna, it might be the last mystery the Grave Witch ever gets to solve….

View all 60 comments. Overall, a fun quick read. I found the book fun and engaging, a great new take on urban fantasy. Alas, she is more grown up than me. View all 20 comments. To top everything off, her best friend has been forever changed by wjtch time spent captive in Faerie.

Because, let’s face it, reading is edutainment. Instead of still dying out they’re now growing strong in power.

But what kind of magic can overcome the human will to survive? Okaaaaayyyyyynow that we’ve established that this book is, indeed, a piece of crap, let’s do the non-review thing.


What people are saying about the Alex Craft novels. Everything we learn about her just leads us to wanting more.

Official Site of Kalayna Price: The Alex Craft Novels

Product details Audible Audiobook Listening Length: Don’t miss this one. And Death just isn’t there enough for me to buy his ‘I cract her’ moment. This goes to personal taste because tiny dogs like that creep me out and it’s hairless -eww, eww, eww. Maybe I just like the idea of Alex sticking to Prince Charming, her dog and not having too many relationships.

An Alex Craft Novel Series

The world kind of reminds me of a simpler version of the Dante Valentine series [which I had to quit a few books in because of horrible love interests] and her whole relationship with Death is a bit like the Niki Slobodian series [which took zlex to warm up but I absolutely loved by the end, so I’m hoping it takes more crqft that series as I continue it].

Three and a half stars. To be fair, Price really has written a different character, setting and everything to Anita. Also, the heroine had the emotions and attitudes of a 12 year old, and I am giving her too much credit there in some areas.

Grave Witch

She is also a consultant for the police. View all 25 comments. An Alex Craft Novel Series: She does get to kick booty, but she thinks things through and I appreciate that.