Graupner R (BACK). Type: R Single Conversion. Pulse decoder= and LM, Receiver system= Single converting Does anybody have first hand experience with Graupner R or C17 receivers in pylon planes? I’m thinking about using one of these for my. Second hand Graupner receivers and Quarz Second hand Graupner JR transmitters and Quarz. Graupner R 7 Ch. receiver Graupner 35 MHz.

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The only hole that is perpendicular to all the others. If I want to use it with arduino 8Mhz what Grsupner have to change in timer?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I didn’t, it crashed again. Instead I just soldered a jumper to the transistor and ran it directly to my arduino pin 2. Look at the picture in the post https: Shulze 8 has worked perfectly in F5D. Remember Me Forgot Password?

R/C17 receivers in pylonracer? – RC Groups

Email Subscription Do you think this is awesome or have you made an overdose of geekiness? November 25, at 9: Others report they work well, JR has ads running claiming it is tests out as the best receiver ever. Thanks for the help Brian. Last edited by Paulus; Jun 24, at RC Receiver Timing Diagram. Stepper motor Bluetooth serial driver. July gtaupner, at 9: Arduino Servo Library – Not good enough. Fix toy with 3D printed parts. I always have had great results with Hitec Super Slim’s.


Graupner R700 FM receiver – get the PPM signal

Did you enjoy the article? In love with Espruino. I have a question.

Petri Nygren Senior Member. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nevertheless, I always wrap them in alu foil to create a Faraday cage and avoid interferences.

April 12, 21 Comments. Chris True Registered User. February 23, at 3: A few minutes after I posted that I realized that I was using two power sources with no common ground and that was most likely my problem.

I heard some good graupnrr about them. My code looks the same as how you fixed it above except I added a few things to make it run as an individual arduino sketch.

Empfänger R 700 FM 35 MHz Graupner 3551

I have one in my El Bandito, it sits 1 inch over a 22 cell pack with amp current draws, the ESC and wiring is on the bottom of the fuse about 5 inches away and runs right past it back to the fan which is 8 inches or so to the rear. E700 used r with JR in s and had serious glitching.


I think you’re right about the interference issues but I’m a bit afraid of trying it with exactly the same setup again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This site uses cookies. Guess I got a bum one.


February 21, at 8: November 26, at I wrote a short script to just see what the pulses look like and I get mostly random looking pulse widths. Hey Dan, It works! No glitches at all but the receiver went in “hold mode” long enough about seconds to crash into the water at full bore. November 25, at 6: Return to High Performance. Quadcopter — home made.