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RUSSIAN FEDERATION GOST RUSSIAN FEDERATION GOST GOST R Resource conservation. Waste management. GOST Drinking water. Hygienic requirements and quality control ГОСТ Вода питьевая. Гигиенические требования и. The requirements to water of the central water supply are reglamented by GOST “Drinking Water”, according to which the organoleptic properties.

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Sanitary regulations and standards SanPiN 3. Procedure of elaboration and documentation of draft standards for maximum admissible discharge of pollutants into water bodies and onto the ground ST RK R Water.

Hygienic requirements for water quality in centralized drinking water supply systems. Use and protection of water resources.

Devices and facilities for taking natural water samples, their primary treatment and storage. Manuals 22874-82 on chemical analysis of surface water Manual on sampling water and bottom sediments within the regional water quality monitoring network of the Aral Sea basin. Temporary procedural guidelines for hydrometeorological stations and posts on taking water and soil samples for gist and hydrobiological analyses and making first-day analysis. Criteria and indices of irrigation water quality GOST General requirements and methods of efficiency determination GOST Water and water-preparation.


Knowledge Base | Standards

2874-822 Sanitary-epidemiological requirements of surface water protection against pollution Other documents Hygienic standards approved by the Decree of the Head health officer of the Kyrgyz Republic: Drinking water protective areas SanPiN 3. Generalities of sampling surface and sea waters, ice, and atmospheric precipitation GOST Sanitary-epidemiological requirements of water quality in centralized drinking water supply systems SanPiN 3.

gist Method of integrated assessment of surface water pollution by hydrochemical indicator RND Sanitary regulations and standards of surface water quality protection against pollution SanPiN 2. About project Database Knowledge Base Contacts.

Classification of water bodies GOST Procedures for quality control of water in reservoires Fost General requirements for surface and ground water protection against oil and oil product pollution GOST Terms and definitions GOST Sources of centralized household-drinking water supply.

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Generalities of sampling bottom sediments in water bodies for pollution godt GOST Organization gosh operation of a subsystem for monitoring over status of transboundary surface water RD Basic terms and definitions GOST Hygienic requirements and quality control TDS System of control over accuracy of pollution measurements in monitored environment RD Maximum admissible concentrations MAC of chemicals in water bodies used for household, drinking, and recreational purposes.


General requirements for surface and underground water control against pollution by pesticides GOST Sea water quality control regulations GOST Procedural recommendations of Goskomhydromet on explicit integrated assessment of surface and sea water quality Procedural recommendations on analyzing causes of extreme values of environmental pollution. Quality control SanPiN 3.

General specifications GOST