The ClassicNote study guide on Gorilla, My Love contains a biography of Toni Cade Bambara, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz. Gorilla, My Love. Toni Cade Bambara “Gorilla, My Love” is the story of Hazel, a young girl who feels that adults do not treat children with respect and. GORILLA, MY LOVE Source for information on Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary.

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Instead of beating her, her father accepts her explanation, “Cause if you say Gorilla, My Love, you suppose to mean it. She has stolen matches, and the ensuing fire closes the theater for a week.

Apparently, they go to the movies quite frequently; they know all of the theaters within walking distance of their home in northern New York City, and what each is showing. While on a car trip South, lovw picking and taking home pecan nuts, the narrator-protagonist Hazel, in the gorillaa of grandfather, uncle and little brother, confronts her uncle who declares he is going to marry a woman whose photo he passes around in the car with his earlier promise to marry Hazel when she is grown borilla.

Thunderbuns is the nickname given to the most severe of the matrons at the Washington movie theater. I read it several times and still don’t understand it completely. And, again, a crucial clue is found in a major incongruity: Each story appeals to raw human emotion and gives the reader just enough time to get to know the characters in each short story before moving on to the next one.

Toni Morrison, Bambara’s editor at Random House, assembled this collection of six previously unpublished stories m six essays after Bambara’s death. I cannot recommend it enough. Set off by the photo of Hunca Bubba’s woman who is not only never ,ove the privilege of a name in Hazel’s narration, but is also seen as enacting a gesture that expresses fear of the cameraHazel takes the movie house in the background of the photo bambars her cue for pushing out the woman altogether and for bringing her passion for movies to the fore “Cause I am a movie freak from way back …”.

Gorilla, My Love |

The b also signifies on “common European allegations of the propensity of African women to prefer the company of male apes” Gates, [ The Signifying Monkey ], Hazel’s loss of orientation through the alleged betrayal by her uncle is vividly dramatized at the end of the text when her established role as map reader or Scout in the front seat of the car slips away from her because her crying prevents her from reading the map.


Nambara young girl suffers her first betrayal.

Her first-person narrators speak conversationally and authentically. I get the feeling that Bambara’s characters are all fighting good fights by living lives worth living.

Apr 18, Rita rated it really liked it Shelves: In her essay Writer to Writer: If these men are Signifyin gposing as gorillas to show that they are guerrillas, however, the similarly-camouflaged women probably do, indeed, love them. I would have preferred a tighter theme unifying the collection e. Hazel comments that her teachers “don’t like me cause I won’t sing them Southern songs.

It is full of poignant social commentary, and wonderfully-written. The anthology, intended as a corrective to the views of African American women previously offered by white feminist women and by male academics, gave black women a chance to describe and analyze their own experiences.

Feb 18, David mh it really liked it. Feb 23, Alex Fontanetta rated it liked it Shelves: Her works have appeared in various periodicals and… More about Toni Cade Bambara.

Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara, |

Apr 26, Chris rated it it was amazing. In “Black English,” Bambara explains the political reasons for her interest in the language of African Americans, especially as it is used informally, on the street. When Hazel demands her money back, the manager thrusts her bodily out the door.

She learned to read maps while keeping the light on at night for fear of the dark. When she is disappointed by the content of a film, for example, she misdirects her complaints, first to the people in the seats in front of her, then to the projectionist, and finally to the theater manager, none of whom made the film.

She is self-confident and secure in the matters of handling herself and others, with strong family backing and much hard irreverence for the general system of sentiment. By the last third of the twentieth century, critical theory had swung again. The point of view is the main character, a young girl who is aware of her surroundings.


And there is more. His usual role in disrupting the theater is to kick the seats in front of him, which he does enthusiastically. Mar 31, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 19, Nikhil rated it really liked it Shelves: From Hazel the reader learns that she, her grandfather, Hunca Bubba, and her younger brother are in a car driving to an undisclosed destination when Hunca Bubba begins talking about the woman he loves. Together they make two babies crying against the world of grownups, in which adults treacherously play change-up and turnaround every day.

Or, how about making a top list by genre so we’re not comparing apples to gorillas? Sep 29, sweet pea rated it really liked it Shelves: As the twenty-first century gets underway, gy want to know how Bambara came to understand Hazel’s life; they want to know what knowledge and bias she brings to her telling of the story.

Hazel enjoys these trips with Granddaddy Vale. She also worked on a novel about the Atlanta child murders; it was published as These Bones Are Not My Child infour years after her death. In this way, she demonstrates the obstacles to even arriving at a liberatory perspective in a culture of domination as a marginalised person.

Gorilla, My Love

Overall, Gorilla, My Love celebrates growing up and women’s experience and finding one’s voice. In the s, the term “Ebonics” was created to describe what some consider a separate African language, not related to English, spoken by African Americans. They see her behavior as overly gy and miss the more important nuanced way that she undermines a social structure that enables the younger generation to look away from the fighting the older generation has done.

I was amused by her reaction. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Every one of these stories seems perfectly crafted. Standard English is not so much put aside as displaced by constant repetition.