The entire Gopika Geetham is in Indira Vruttam / meter and hence Indira the Goddess of Wealth following the foot steps of the Lord came down. Comprising 19 verses, Gopika Geetham is a part of Bhagavatham. Here the love- song of the gopis, extols the fact that pure love and true devotion are one and. Gopika Geetham. By Kalyani Padmanabhan. • 6 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Gopika Geetham. 2. Gopijanan Ahaldham. 3.

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Virachitha bhayam vrushni dhurya, they, Charana meeyushaam samsrther bhayaath, Kara saroruham, kantha, kaamadham, Shirasi dehi na: Kanha and one gopi, personal meeting.

Listen to Gopika Geetham now.

Rahasi samvidam hruchayodhayam, Prahasi thananam prema veekshanam, Bruha dura sreeyo, veekshya dhama they, Muhurathi spruha, muhyathey mana: Then appeared before them Lord KrishnaGopioa the yellow silk, Wearing several garlands, And with a smile in his face, Who is capable of making, The god of love yearn for his love.

Vrusha mayathmaja Krishana; dwisatha golika. When they were unsuccessful in their endeavor, they set down on the bank of River Yamuna and started chanting the glories of Krishna. If cows can get their purpose served by simply following your footsteps why geetbam we thy servants get the chance to keep your feet on our chest and embrace them to give you some relief and also get some relief that our souls were longing for.

You who are the friend of people geehtam Vruja, Oh Krishna, Are capable of destroying all their sins, Oh Krishna, And also you do good to the entire universe, Oh Krishna, So give us that medicine, to cure our aching heart, Oh Krishna, To us who are in love with you, Oh Krishna. If the lord can cure pain of the entire Universe why not we the true lover of thy lotus feet by giving us the much cherished wish of having union with you.


The Gandharvas and Kinnaras began to sing and showered flowers on the dancers. Oh Lord, storehouse of Grace and Grandeur, accompanier of cow herds and a Dancer on the hood of Snake, such a egetham lotus like feet are fit to be on the bosoms of our beautiful breasts as they will get the grace of thy feet which had been wandering all geeetham along because of which we are now put to untold suffering and heated us up.

Oh Giver of Boons it is not fair. Gopika GeethamNarayaneeyam Dasakam: Such should be the true intention and longing expected of a Sadaka or a true devotee. Yathe sujatha charanamburuham sthaneshu, Bheetha sanai: One of the most important approaches to attain salvation is through unalloyed devotion bhakti.

All along the Gopis were crying in longevity of their separation from their Lord and having seen they got up as if their life re-entered their bodies and vibrant with the presence of their beloved they started feeling of him and fell at his feet.

Log in Request account. It is not that one night alone the Rasa was celebrated but all nights that followed.

He disappears temporarily from there midst and made Himself not reachable by them. On hearing their plea, Krishna reappeared before the gopis and tried to pacify them. Dhayitha, drusyatham Krishana dikshuthavaka. Oh king thus did sing, the gopis With great desire and wailing voice, In a pretty tone and in several ways, And then they wept out loudly.


Some gopis found the footprints of Krishna and begin to follow them Soon they saw another set of footprints beside the imprints of lotus-feet of Lord Krishna. This drushya adds fuel to fire and increases the pain of thy separation. The dance was a geethma tuning of rhythm, body movements and music.

Prahasitham priya, Prema veekshanam, Viharanam cha they dhyana mangalam, Rahasi samvidho, ya hrudhi sparsa, Kuhaka, no mana kshobhayanthi he. Newer Post Older Post Home. Koorpathibhir bramathi dheerbhavadhayusham na.

This geeyham to be sung with devotion, in rapt attention and reverence without any Thaala or sounds. Initially when I visited ur blog I was able to see Ruchi page.


Vanaruhananam bhibrad aavrutham, Ghanarajaswalam darsayan muhu: At this time, Gopis felt loneliness and could not concentrate on their work and grieved over the absence of Krishna. Krishna multiplied himself into many Krishnas and each form stood beside every gopi, so that each gopi thought that Krishna was dancing with her alone.

Kanha and two gopis, social meeting. Aapeeya aapeeya naatrupyan santha: Newer Post Older Post Home. Till such time you return back in the evening until our eyes are fed with your grace we were only machine like doing work without any involvement gopikka we get back our lives only on seeing you. Unable to find him, they started behaving in strange manner.

They felt sympathetic about her and together, they proceeded in search of Krishna.