Good Night, Mr. Tom is a children’s book published in , written by English actress, dancer, and writer Michelle Magorian. Magorian had a. A beautiful hardback edition of Michelle Magorian’s bestselling novel Goodnight Mister Tom. This edition has a stunning Puffin ‘cloth’ Classics cover design and. The colours of Goodnight Mr Tom. Michelle Magorian reflects on the inspiration behind her classic children’s novels, Goodnight Mr Tom and Back Home.

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Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian – review

Though initially distant, he is touched after discovering William’s home-life and treats him with kindness and understanding, helping to educate him. I really like this book. Tom a few times and never get tired of it. It reminded me how much I love books for younger folk and need to seek out more of them. Adding to this, Doctor Little, the village doctor, who was Zach’s guardian while he was evacuated, is surprised but pleased when William asks to have Zach’s bike.

Not sure I would recommend it to very young or sensitive children. He is amazing at everything he attempts, despite his situation writing, maths, acting, socialising, art. A different kind of world than we have now. Magorian and Mister Tom won the annual Guardian Children’s Fiction Prizea once-in-a-lifetime award judged by a panel of British children’s writers.

Tom, as he tells William to call him, begins to soften towards the boy, taking him out and buying him some appropriate clothing and boots, feeding him well and doctoring the bruises. Tom begins to teach him to read and by the end of the term, William has conquered not just reading but his bed-wetting problem as well. And it is with very heavy hearts that Mr. Willie had practically no personality, except to be perfect at everything.


This is a story about how two people can change. Unfortunately this is the last time they see him. Then, it becomes apparent that although there was a tragedy, there needed to be more. However, this is an em Old Tom Oakley is a hero – he starts out the story as an old recluse – a man of the country who has isolated himself from the world since the death of his wife and baby boy decades ago. This is a heartbreaking, gentle and terrifying, eye opening tale where characters were surprised by their own ability to change.

Goodnight Mister Tom – Wikipedia

Then a telegram comes. She said she saw it sitting on top of stack of books at the thrift store. Back in Little Weirwold, Tom has a premonition that something is not goodnigyt with William.

This is book is truly special to me. I don’t want to spoil anything by sharing any of the moments that are so perfect in the story, but I really, REALLY want to encourage you to read this sweet children’s book if you haven’t yet. Life and imchelle are complicated.

He told me he had never felt so much pain over a fictitious character before.

Unfortunately, the one person in the situation I wanted dead survives. Als Leser weiss man, dass der Tod auch nach Little Weirworld kommen wird, obwohl sich die Charaktere dessen nicht bewusst sind.

View all 3 comments. This story warmed my heart and made me well up when this lonely, unloved boy learns to love and trust and to become loved. I a I honestly have to ask- how did this novel get such a high rating?

Young William is an evacuee from the city streets of London who is deposited in the rural cottage of a crusty old widower. Tom comes out of his self-imposed “hermithood” to participate in the community again, and Willie discovers his own talents while becoming healthy and robust. Tom is warned that it is likely that William will be taken to a children’s home, and, unable to observe William’s distress any longer, kidnaps him from the hospital and takes him back to Little Weirwold.


Retrieved from ” https: Tom Oakley has become a loner in his village.

A death in a book, especially that of a child, should be necessary and unavoidable. Like Willie did at his birthday, but in a less annoying way. Tom for his ninth birthday.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

I loved the relationship between Tom and Willie but also Willie and the community. The mother later kills herself. I also did not care, and continued reading, glad to be near the end. Tom also insisted on bringing a dog into the hospital. They both blossom as they learn to love and encourage each other. Although he has never travelled beyond his immediate locality, magoian ventures into London and eventually locates William’s neighbourhood of Deptford and his home.

Top read for anyone over eleven. Heck-sensitive people in general. It really is a lovely story, which had me welling up at times. I will not further spoil the story but goodnighht read of extreme sadness balanced out by joy of life and the perseverance of the spirit. So Zack goes off the to the city, and shock horror, dies. Also, I just want to say something about the film adaptation.