Gona Ganna Reddy (AD), son of Gona Budda Reddy who contributed Ranganatha Ramayanam as Dwipada kavyam in Telugu Language and a. Know more about Gona Ganna Reddy | News and views about people around the world | The unanimous talk about ‘Rudramadevi’ is that Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy dominated rest of the actors in the movie with his brilliant.

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It covers an area of about In fun situations he is spontaneous, in emotional ones, especially the one in climax, Allu Arjun is simply splendid. In popular culture Film maker Gunasekhar made a Telugu language Gona Ganna reddy character played by Allu Arjun is glorified once again to the Telugu community his hard work, movie on the life of Rudrama Devi the warrior queen.

Later captured Lakkubhai Reddy and handed over to Rudhrama Devi. Member feedback about Gona Budda Reddy: Gona Ganna Reddy had two brothers and one sister.

Raghavendra Rao which was reddh latter’s th film as a director. Kuppambika got married to Malyala Gundadandadeeshuduwho was also known as Danda Senani.

Karunakaran on the film Ha After playing child artist in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy, the movie completed days in centers. She was, however, unsuccessful in dealing with the internal dissent posed yanna the Kayastha chieftain Ambadeva after he became head of his line inAmbadeva gwnna to being subordinate to the Kakatiyas and he gained control of much of southwestern Andhra and what is now Guntur District.

He flexed his muscles in action scenes and they were captured by cinematographer Shyam K Naidu.


About Gona Ganna Reddy | UpClosed

Variants include Kakatiya, Kakatiyya, Kakita, Kakati and Kakatya, the family name was often prefixed to the name of the monarch, giving constructs such as Kakatiya-Prataparudra. Gona Ganna Reddy has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Some named him as thief until Rudram Devi announced him as the supporter of Kakatiyas. It was eventually conquered by the Delhi Sultanate, the demise of Kakatiya dynasty resulted in confusion and anarchy under alien rulers for sometime.

Kuppambika got married to Malyala Gundadandadeeshudu also known as Danda Senani. Thousand Pillar Temple where the filming commenced. He also wrote radio plays 7. This battle helped Rudhrama Devi become a powerful female warrior and ruler. The unanimous talk about ‘Rudramadevi’ is that Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy dominated rest of the actors in the movie with his brilliant performance. Sixteen years later, Arjun made a cameo appearance as Gopi, a dancer, in the film Daddy directed by Suresh Krissna.

Gona Ganna Reddy

A list of notable people who bear the name Reddy. Nothing further is known about this chief, the early rulers were feudatoris of Western Chalukyas. A replica of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. Allu Yanna, also known as “Stylish Star”, is an Indian film actor and style icon who primarily works in Telugu cinema.

After the death of Ganapthi deva, Rudrama Devi became the queen of the Kakatiya. He ruled Vardhamaana puram now called as Nandi vaddeman in Nagarkurnool district. Gona Ganna Reddy married the love of his life Annaambika, best friend of Rudramadevi.

Indian voice actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Wanaparthy — Wanaparthy is a municipal town in Wanaparthy district of Telangana, India. Member feedback about Rudhramadevi film: Across the Tungabhadra lies Bellary District of Karnataka to the southwest and Mahabubnagar of Telangana to the southeast.


This was almost certainly a political marriage designed by her father to forge alliances, Virabhadra is virtually undocumented and played no part in her administration. A history book of Kakatiya Charithrathmaka Navala. Of those that are available, the most prevalent are ancient inscriptions that mainly document matters relating to religion and they are particularly bona for the period — CE, which is the period when the dynasty most flourished and are a reflection of that.

Alligations on gona Ganna Reddy Role In Rudhramadevi Movie

He ruled Vardhamaanapuram now called as Nandi Vaddeman in Nagarkurnool district. It describes the feelings of a girl who transitioned to teenage. Member feedback about Gona Ganna Reddy: Rudhramadevi film — The film is narrated by Chiranjeevi.

A popular poet, Ayyalaraju Ramabhadrudu, used to read her poems in front of the people and King Krishnadevaraya. Rudrama Devi married Virabhadra, a member of ggona branch of the Chalukya dynasty. The average literacy rate was The probability is that many inscriptions have been lost due to falling into disuse and also the ravages of subsequent rulers.

His role in the former was his breakthrough, earning him his first Nandi Special Jury award. The diamond was originally owned by the Kakatiya dynasty.

Inscriptions are still being discovered today but governmental agencies tend to concentrate on recording those that are already known rather than searching for new examples, studies of the inscriptions and coinage by the historian Dineshchandra Sircar reveal that there was no contemporary standard spelling of the family name.