Category:Geoffrey of Monmouth . arwiki جيفري مونماوث; astwiki Godofredo de Monmouth; be_x_oldwiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі; bewiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі. may not be thought to be the poor offspring of Geoffrey of Monmouth, but when polished by .. Sic de prole tua reges nascentur: et ipsis. Totius terrae subditus. Godofredo de Monmouth o Geoffrey de Monmouth fue un clérigo escritor y uno de los principales personajes en el desarrollo de la materia de Bretaña y.

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After his conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar looks over the sea and resolves to order Britain to swear obedience and pay tribute to Rome.

El rei Lear

monkouth This leads to war between Uther Pendragon and Gorlois of Cornwall, during which Uther clandestinely lies with Igerna through the magic of Merlin. These are reflected in the three possible prefaces to the work and in the presence or absence of certain episodes and phrases.

Dunvallo’s sons, Belinus and Brenniusfight a civil war before being reconciled by their ed, and proceed to sack Rome. They are both assisted by the wizard Merlin. Charles Bukowski escritor y poeta estadounidense. Between andhis name appears on six charters in the Oxford area, sometimes styled magister teacher.

Sometimes said to be the earliest reference to love as an ennobling influence. Roberto Arlt 48 novelista, cuentista, dramaturgo, periodista e inventor a From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Then follows a dedication to Robert, earl of Gloucester and Waleran, count of Meulanwhom he enjoins to use their knowledge and wisdom to improve his tale.

In doing so, Geoffrey exercised considerable editorial control, massaging the information and smoothing out apparent inconsistencies in order to create a single grand narrative. It was given historical credence well into the 16th century, [2] but is now considered historically unreliable. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Claudius returns to Rome, leaving the province under Arviragus’s governorship.


Cassivelaunus dies and is succeeded by his nephew Tenvantius, as Androgeus has gone to Rome. Wikinews 0 entries edit. Lud is godofrevo by his brother, Cassibelanusas Lud’s sons Androgeus and Tenvantius gidofredo not yet of age.

Adapted and translated, e. After Leir has had all his gdofredo taken from him, he begins to regret his actions towards Cordelia and travels to Gaul. The History of the Kings of Britain is now usually considered a literary work of national myth containing little reliable history. Galfridus Monemutensis, Galfridus ArturusWelsh: Stretching this source material out, goodofredo, changing and re-editing it in the process, Geoffrey added additional information culled from later Roman histories and also those of Dark Age and early Medieval writers such as Gildas and Bede.

For many centuries, the Historia was accepted at face value, and much of its material was incorporated into Holinshed ‘s 16th-century Chronicles. This has since led many modern scholars to agree with William of Godofrerowho wrote around that “it is quite clear that everything this man wrote about Arthur and his successors, or indeed about his predecessors from Vortigern onwards, was made up, partly by himself and partly by others”.

Other sites 0 entries edit. Cadwallader is forced to flee Britain and requests the aid of King Alan of the Amoricans. A History of the British Isles from to In my opinion, whoever pretends to it, must disguise her real goddofredo under the veil of flattery.

Dictionary of National Biography — When Octavius passes the crown to his son-in-law Maximianus, his nephew Conan Meriadoc is given rule of Brittany to compensate him for not succeeding. Uther’s son Arthur assumes the throne and defeats the Saxons so severely that they cease to be a threat until after his death. Tenvantius is succeeded in turn by his son Kymbelinusand then Kymbelinus’s son Guiderius.


It became tremendously popular during the High Middle Agesrevolutionising views of British history before and during the Anglo-Saxon period despite the criticism of such writers as William of Newburgh and Gerald of Wales. Wikisource 4 entries edit. All the charters signed by Geoffrey are also signed by Walter, Archdeacon of Oxforda canon at that church.

Historia Regum Britanniae – Wikipedia

In desperation the Britons send letters to the general of the Roman forces, asking for help, but receive no reply this passage borrows heavily from the corresponding section in Gildas’ De Excidio Britanniae. He is said to have “established the so-called Molmutine Laws which are still famous today among the English”. His major work was The History of the Kings of Britainthe work best known to modern readers.

Geoffrey starts the book with a statement of his purpose in writing the history: Yet the deeds of these men were such that they deserve to be praised for all time.

Caesar invades once more and besieges Cassivellaunus on a hill. Possibly MonmouthWales.

Geoffrey’s major work was nevertheless widely disseminated throughout Medieval Western Europe; Acton Griscom listed extant manuscripts inand others have been identified since. Views Read View history. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat