MACE is a deep learning inference framework optimized for mobile heterogeneous computing platforms. – XiaoMi/mace. I’d like to copy an executable ELF file via: $ objcopy -O binary Unfortunately: $ chmod +x $./ results in: cannot execute. Answer in this case after hint from @Igor Skochinsky is: , ” x” j translatefuel. , “ax” j has.

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Apply –localize-symbol option to each symbol listed in the file filename. Set the access and modification dates of the output file to be the same as those of the input file. Note – if compression would actually make a section largerthen it is not compressed.

If the object file formats use the same leading character, this option has no effect. All this meta-data is needed by the kernel for execve 2 and is lost with objcopy -O binary Otherwise, it will add a character, or remove a character, or change a character, as appropriate.

Reverse the bytes in a section with output contents. The default value for this option is 1. This is the default.

Allowed values for the argument flags are as for option –set-section-flags below. There is no check for the value, it will be taken as objcopg. When objcopy generates a raw binary file, it will essentially produce a memory dump of the contents of the input object file. This length covers both address, data and crc fields. Pad the output file up to the load address address.


By default, the symbol will be global. Sets the section alignment. Remove any section matching sectionpattern from the output file.

For ELF format files the section to segment mapping will also remain unchanged, something which is not possible using –remove-section followed by –add-section. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policy lbjcopy, and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This option objopy only effective when using an object file format which supports weak symbols.

Note – the section headers of the stripped sections are preserved, including their sizes, but the contents of the section are discarded. Sign up using Facebook. If the input format has an endianness some formats do notobjcopy can only copy the inputs into file formats that have the same endianness or which have no endianness e. Some object file formats use special characters at the start of symbols.

objcopy(1) – Linux man page

This is the default unless binutils was configured with –enable-deterministic-archives. This is done by increasing objcoy size of the last section. Set the maximum length of the Srecords being produced to ival.

Mark the output text as writable. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

objcopy(1): copy/translate object files – Linux man page

Sign up using Facebook. It does bnu make sense to use it on object files where the debugging information may be incomplete. To reduce the need to relocate and improve performance of your dlls, each should have a unique base address and not overlap any other dlls.


Want to link to this manual page? I’d like to copy an executable ELF file via: Do not copy symbol symbolname from the source file unless it is needed by a relocation. Use bfdname as the object format for both the input and the output file; i. Note that objcopy will complain if you do not specify the –byte option as well.

In particular you lose the entry point and the segments list given in the original ELF header. Remove relocations from the output file for any section matching sectionpattern. This option is used to build a.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

The intention is that this option will be used in conjunction with –add-gnu-debuglink to create a two part executable. When stripping symbols, keep symbol symbolname gn if it would normally be stripped.

Posting in RE because I’m patching binaries with a combination of C and asm. However, see the –reverse-bytes option.