Gloria Anzaldúa is also the co-editor of. This Bridge Called My Back. Borderlands la Frontera. The New Mestiza aunt lute books. SAN FRANCISCO. Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La frontera: Cultural. Studies, “Difference,” and the Non-Unitary Subject. Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano n , Audre Lorde. El otro Mexico. Excerpts from Borderlands/La Frontera. Uncertain Borders · Gloria Anzaldúa October 26, googleplus.

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Gloria Anzaldua is a borderland. Los Chicano s, how patient we seem, how very patient. A great thing this book offers is an insider’s view of a rich and beautiful culture.

Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

Gloria Anzaldua ambitiously discusses how la mestiza must straddle three cultures: She sticks to no confines because “rigidity is death. She stated that she’s an adamant believers in writing truths and I was struck with how blatantly open her words were and how much they hit home.

Chicanos, Mexican-Americans, are the offspring of those first matings. Currently, I don’t have the time and energy to form coherent reviews because college takes all my time but I’m glad my teacher included this as a reading for my writing class!

Sevino andando desde Guadalajara. Women’s Voices From the Borderlands ahzaldua, ed.


Studying anthropology has definitely made me aware of the pitfalls of ethnocentrism as well as the joys of l This book appeals to me on an anthropological level fronter brought back a lot of memories of my cultural anthropology classes. Immediately after the Conquest, the Indian population had been reduced to under seven million.

Deja claro que las mujeres ya no quieren ser protegidas, sino andar a la par de los hombres Libro recomendado, sobre todo para los mexicanos. It fears what Jung calls the Shadow, the unsavory aspects of ourselves.

Embracing the Border: Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera – Women’s Museum of California

It has strict taboos against fronterq kind of inner knowledge. The book reads like a monologue, something I believe Anzaldua intended. Who should tell the History?

Studying anthropology has definitely made me aware of the pitfalls of ethnocentrism as well as the joys of learning about other cultures. Not me sold out my people but they me.

Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria E. Anzaldúa

I loved the inclusion of Spanish but admittedly at times I was frustrated that I couldn’t understand some poems and the full meaning of the prose. How do you make it lie down? So what is this book?

Oct 31, Mona Kareem added it Shelves: But I can offer a sentence or two, despite sounding like ad copy. Lillian Castillo-Speed New York: Mar 15, Sumayyah rated it it was amazing.


She states that she is never alone and that she is no longer afraid after this moment, when she finally feels fronfera. Too close for comfort actually. We are afraid of what we’ll see there.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Oct 10, Pace rated it liked it. She strengthens her tolerance and intolerance for ambiguity. Blanket generalizations about culture being bad never sit well with me since we are never outside of culture, and so presumably good and bad both come from culture.

It doesn’t read like your typical essay or memoir. We need a new consciousness, Anzaldua writes, one that values not one dominant culture but one that values more. Want to Read saving….