Gísla saga, an Icelandic saga set in northwestern Iceland and written probably before the middle of the 13th century, which tells of an outlaw poet, Gísli Súrsson . Directed by Ágúst Guðmundsson. With Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Kristján Jóhann Jónsson, Þráinn Karlsson. From an authentic Viking saga, Outlaw. The Saga of Gísli Súrsson begins with a good old-fashioned Norwegian family feud in which a guy named Skeggi asks his carpenter to carve a.

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As they attack him Gisli kills Thorodd and Thorgrim the Norwegian.

The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw

It fell on a good drying day that Gisli set all the men at work hay-making, save his brother Thorkel. In Tweendale, that turns aside from Hawkdale, dwelt a man whose name was Aunund: They rode all that day and the night after, till they came to the dale which turns off from Skutilsfirth. Now Thorkel rides away, and so shapes his course that he rode round behind Bork and his fellows, mounts his own horse, and overtakes them. There were three lamps in the hall. Besides it is thy bounden duty to be the first to fall on me, for thou hast greater ground for quarrel with me than these others who come along with thee?

Retrieved from ” https: So they gsili fared till they came to Sandwatermouth.

Episode 5: Gísla saga Súrssonar (Gisli’s saga) | Saga Thing

Then Gisli spoke to the maid, and said: There was snow on the ground, but on the south side of the howe there was no snow; and there, up on the steep brink sat Thordisa and many other women, who thought it fun to look on the game. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat The next thing we have to say is, that Bork bargains with Thorgrim Bottlenose that he should work spells and gislii, by which no man should be able to house or harbour him that had slain Thorgrim, however great their will might be, and that the slayer should have no rest on land.

He also brought out two gilded basons.

Thorgrim and Thorkel present themselves at the court of King Harald Grey-cloak where they are welcomed. So they go indoors, but when Elfdisa heard their stamping, she bawled out what band of blackguards that asga be, and what pack of fools it could be that knocked men up at night.


But ere Havard leaves the house Auda said: Help us improve this article! Thorkel learns that his wife was gisoi fond of Vestein before she married. I’m glad I read it.

Or you might keep working as reasonable people do – because food is a thing.

Now Bork makes up his mind to set off south to Thorsness, and thinks to change his yisli thither, and thinks he has made rather a sorry figure there away west: Just then Bork hurled a spear at him, and smote him on the calf, and cut a piece out of it, and that was a great wound. The two boys murder Thorkel. They live as neighbors, the brothers at Hol, and Thorgrim at Saebol. Now comes the third night, and men go to their beds, and when they had slumbered a while a whirlwind fell on the house with such strength that it tore all the roof off on one side, and in a little while all the rest of the roof followed.

The story is short, the concepts are not difficult, and the read was a satisfying swga – if for anything, to absorb the subtleties of the Icelander’s prose, ways, and to some extent thought process at least, back then, and through this translation. Let us row after them as fast as we can.

So this gossip comes to the ears of Eyjolf the Gray, and it is again Spy-Helgi’s lot to set off; and so he comes to Hergilsisle. He goes to see his brother one last time, borrows his boat and departs prophesing Thorkel will die before him, then rows out to the island of Hergilsey where he stays with his cousin Ingjald.

Sometimes, too, I have had my life in peril for her sake, but now she deals me this death-blow. So Gisli is there that winter, and builds a boat for Ingialld and many other things. Thorkel tells his brother Gisli that he wishes to share all their goods between them, for he is going to join housekeeping with his brother-in-law Thorgrim.

Other three years he spent in roaming over the land, and going from house to house asking help and countenance from great chiefs; but something always tripped him up everywhere, so that naught came of it.

Gisli sent his foster daughter Gudrid Geirmund’s sister to Saebol to see what was happening, and discovered that Throgrim, Saba and the rest are fully armed, prepared for a fight. I hate the fact that he is portrayed as this grand man when he is nothing but gisl creep and a coward.

Now the sata set off, and take ship out of Hawkdale, and row across to Brooksmouth. Then I heard the night-hawk shrieking, Then I heard his mournful strain; Soon the dew of Woden reeking Shall this outlaw shed like rain.


Gísla saga

Gisli thinks everything is pointing in one direction. Pray, step in, and search for him as narrowly as ye can. So they put to sea, and have Iceland in their mind’s eye. He tells his foster daughter Gudrid to go to Saebol and tell the news. After Gisli is discovered, Aud and their foster-daughter Gudrid fight side-by-side with Gisli until he is killed in a final, strenuous battle. So they ride on up the dale, and when they come to Arnkelsbrink both their horses were foundered.

After those six years were over he spent his time for the most part in Geirthiofsfirth, sometimes in his house, over which Auda ruled, and sometimes in the hiding-place which he had hollowed out for himself. He lived at Shortshanks-mire, west of the river.

Then they roam over the isle, and come at last to a spot where the idiot lay and grazed in a hollow, with the stone tied round his neck. I was aware, Though chains of death not yet had bound me, My blood bedewed thy bosom fair. Somehow neither your elder brother, your father or your sister seem very impressed. Eyjolf says at once it must be Gisli, and loses no time, but sets off with six men for Geirthiofsfirth; but he cannot find Gisli, and goes bootless back.

Some guy keeps going to talk to your sister, a bit too often, people are saying. But my soul is stout as everSwords may bite, I feel no smart Father! The Gisli saga is notable for its deep psychological treatment of its lead character, who is tormented during his exile by vivid foreshadowing dreams of two wives, one good and one evil. So he set off to find Bard, and challenged him to fight on the isle of Saxa. I lie and take my slumber; Though this lord is stretched on earth Idle rumours without number Vex the folk and mar their mirth.

Besides I have heard it said that ye two–thou and Thorgrim–often had meetings before thou wert given away in marriage.

Then Gisli turned and threw Thorgrim such a fall on the slippery ice that he could scarce rise.