Booktopia has Girl Trade, ETO Best Erotic Book Brand by Chloe Thurlow. Buy a discounted Paperback of Girl Trade online from. “Never in all the hundreds and thousands of romance tales and stories that I have read over the decades has a novel left me so speechless.” – Simply Erotic. Girl Trade by Chloe Thurlow, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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She learns the art of sensual, erotic dancing for herself, and a lot more besides.

Absolutely fascinating and very well written Written in first person this is an intriguing and hard edged story of a young woman who becomes Chengi. I found it quite effortless to imagine myself there, taking in the same sights and smells. I think every mature woman ought to read this book; since we cannot thirlow take the actual journey ourselves, at least we can find some truth amongst these pages.

Chloe Thurlow

When they reach Samir’s home she is taught to be a concubine but Samir’s father is not happy with her being there. Quotes from Girl Trade. She becomes the perfect concubine. This beginning is shocking, raw and certainly not be to everyone’s taste.

Not for the faint hearted or haters of erotic which thankfully I am NOT! Young and intelligent, but also quite unlikable at first, she is thrust into a world of sexual depravity that can only be described as an awakening. Hirl it free with day trial. As she sheds her clothes and her inhibitions, she develops a new identity and learns to feel again, both pain and pleasure, and myriad of sensations that come in-between.

My last impression upon finishing this book: I had my eye choe this book for a while before buying it and after being enticed by the cover, reading the first chapter and the glowing reviews on here I took the plunge but I honestly can’t remember reading anything as bad a this.

I hate starting a book and not finishing it. I can handle books told in the first person. Publisher’s Summary After being captured by people smugglers, on the perilous journey by boat along the African coast, the girl they call Chengi discovers from the sheik a taste for the whip and the perverse joys of discipline.

  EB G5450WU PDF

From then onwards she is at the mercy of others. It also seemed to review quite well but as I am not a huge fan of BDSM I thought I would download the first chapter using the Kindle sample feature to see what I thought and whether I thought it was worth taking a risk on.

And just a reminder to those readers who wonder whether what the men do to the girl in the book is legal, whether the book promotes sex trade, sends the message to men that women want to be raped and abused, etc.

From smugglers who sexually abuse her to the steamy sex scenes with Samir to the girl on girl in the harem you be fully entertained and dreaming of one day tradf a sheik for yourself.

Thurlwo rated it it was amazing. Girl Trade is an amazing book and I think that all the readers This is brilliant book. Feb 14, Rebekkah Ford rated it it was amazing. Something happens as they travel together on his boat love or lust. I didn’t want to stop listening. If you read some of her other books, you may come to a similar conclusion.

Anyway not to go into the whole plot, this book was a well written and although it has strong sexual content I am not sure it can be called erotic. Oh So Naughty As other reviewers have stated this book is not for the faint hearted.

Girl Trade, without a doubt, has the potential to become a cult book. But her adventure begins on holiday in La Gomera, when a rugged beachcomber removes the leather thong from his neck and binds her hands behind her.

The writer creates a vivid picture as Chengi experiences thrills and adventure of which she couldn’t ever have dreamed were possible. This was definitely a different kind of story for me. Yet this is not a novel which subverts the female. Who doesn’t harbor secret fantasies or wear skimpy clothing in our western worlds to attract men?


The story is well-written, poetic, and stitched together by a rare artist of our time, who not only knows how to weave a compelling story but is insightful—a thinker, like Ralph Waldo Emerson. You become a leaf floating with the will of the wind. This isn’t your ordinary erotica story, it is so much more turlow it will absolutely get your blood pumping! Girl Trade, without a doubt, has the potential to become a cult book. There are some shocking scenes so be warned so remember the book is fiction and fantasy.

I will defiantly read more of this authors books. The first chapter was great. Jun 24, Luanne rated it liked it. It read more like a diary of a young english girl who was tired of her boyfriend and her mundane life. So she does something impulsive and swims through the ocean to a tiny island where she meets the beachcomber who strips away her freedom. You see a small island in the distance that you have never noticed before. Through swimming out naked to a small island she leaves behind thurow old self and values and, like Columbus, chlor on a voyage of self-discovery into the unknown.

Once again, Chloe delivers a beautifully written, highly erotic story that quite literally keeps you up all night. Mar 12, Ashley O’Connell rated it it was amazing. At 27, Chloe is the author of three erotic novels praised for their lyrical writing style and unblushing sensuality.

Girl Trade : Chloe Thurlow :

May 18, Liz Adams rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She becomes Chengi – Girl. Jan 13, Hedonist Six rated it it was amazing. Sex with her “sister” is unexpectedly arousing for her, and for this reader too!