Ionescu, Ghiţă. Since the s, Communism in Romania, – has been the classic monograph on the “Ghiță Ionescu, Comunismul în România. Natura, scopul şi efectele regimului totalitar comunist în România,. .. La nivelul teoretic, al scopurilor proclamate, comunismul s-a pretins întruchiparea Ghiţă Ionescu, Communism in Rumania. As soon as they arrived, Soviet army commanders took the liberty to appoint their own officials across the country (Comunismul in Romania, by ghita Ionescu, p.

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On 8 Mayin his report to the meeting dedicated to the celebration of 40 years since the establishment of the Romanian Communist Party, Gheorghiu-Dej referred to the provisions of the 52 Ganea, Croitoru and Savin, eds.

It resembles revolution inasmuch as the legitimacy of the previous regime is broken during its course, and thus an unstable, unpredictable political situation comes about. A revolution is spontaneous if the protests are not organized [original emphasis]. Romanix Meronia, However, the claim that that, between and the Romanian economy grew at an average compound rate of over 9 percent is highly questionable.

So, he got his salary. Apart from the energy-related issues, the supreme leader of the Party was determined to engage in extremely costly, gigantesque projects of doubtful economic efficiency. People were scared of random shootings by the repressive forces.

Ionescu, Ghiţă. Communism in Romania, 1944–1962, in English, 1964. Book

In documentele din data de 3 Mai A. In the early s, the more advanced Frigero model — in two versions, Frigero Super and Frigero Lux — replaced the outdated Fram.


Thus, during the — period In this respect, Chirot further argues: A member of the riot police troops was also injured. Printre semnatari, Petru Groza, Gh.

It is worth mentioning that there were quite numerous those who were initially impressed by the December situation in Romania. The Johns Hopkins University Press, During one of the aforementioned roundtables, a journalist affirmed bluntly: As the author explains in the preface, the book was structured chronologically because he considered that the turning points in the inner politics of postwar Romania were the results of Cold War shifts and Eastern Bloc disturbances Ionescuxvi.

According to the official data 23 civilians and 4 riot police troops were hit: A major goal of the revolutionaries, Ioan Lorin Fortuna recalls, was to make their message heard.

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With empty hands, young revolutionaries tried to immobilize them. The second part deals with key aspects of the sovietisation of Romania, such as the creation of the one-party system, the internal Party purges, the collectivisation of agriculture and the launch of intense industrialisation. In order to achieve this goal, the regime took the measure comhnismul drastically reduce imports.

Although the internal conjunctural factors contributed to a lesser extent to the final demise of the regime, they should not be neglected.

The first five collective farms were established on 24 Julyand by the end of their number cmounismul Although short-lived, that was an important moment of the Romanian revolution.

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Wednesday, 20 Decemberthe workers in the main enterprises were at their workplaces but did not work. This factor has to be considered especially when discussing the initiation of the revolutions in Poland.

One might ask why Bulgaria is placed after Czechoslovakia in the aforementioned sequence of collapse since, on 10 Novemberthe Secretary General of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Todor Zhivkov, was forced to resign and was replaced by the sitting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petar Mladenov.

Editura Facla, The Revolution from 64 Above, — New York: Their legitimizing power stems from their universality — the good that is promised freedom, enlightenment, socialism, prosperity, progress, etc. Tot pe 7 Aug. Furthermore, in habitational terms no progress was actually made: As Adam Michnik noted: Si ce sa fac cu el?

Inthere weredwellings put into occupancy, of which 26, It is also important to mention that, at the time, the major international hotel in Bucharest was the Intercontinental Hotel, which overlooks the University Square. As a consequence, the demand for energy in industry grew steadily and the regime had to take measures to cope with it.