sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc.;. GHEORGHE, CÂRSTEA () – Teoria si metodica educatiei. fizice si sportului, Editura An. Sport (2). The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture. 1st Year, sem 2, CARSTEA, Gheorghe – Educatia fizica – fundamente teoretice și metodice, COLIBABA- EVULET, D; BOTA, Ioan – Jocuri sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc. Carstea Gheorghe, Teoria si metodica educatiei fizice si sportului, Editura Universul;. Bucuresti. 2. Dragnea Adrian, Antrenamentul sportive. Editura.

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Therefore, the goal of allowing the individual with cerebral palsy to live life with the least impact of the disability requires complex attention to the individual and the family. Curs baschet Home Curs baschet. Based on history, the objective examination and laboratory examinations have established the following diagnosis: The brain tells our muscles how to move and controls the tension ghworghe the muscles.

Annals of the University of Oradea. Physical Education and Sport Fascicle – PDF

On the other hand, the task of the researchers to identify biological variables that can predict performance turned almost impossible. The commercial turnover figure also reflects a partial recognition of the cumulative profit share associated with the Nike partnership. These activities, the management and the sport itself, are tightly interconnected. It can be practiced individually, or better yet, in physically homogeneous groups, taking into account the emulation state that can appear.

It is caused by a brain injury that occured before birth, during birth, or during the first few years after birth. We used also, the method of sociological survey, applying the questionnaire before and after the practical activity the same protocol for all subjectsaiming to highlight the sociological structure of the group Georgescu, In the present educatieo we present two of the problems raised by talent search and the risks of such search.

The purpose of this study was to study in a large cohort of DS subjects the static stabilometric characteristics as surrogate of body tonicity and stability assess the bone ultrasound properties in a cohort of subjects with DS with reference to fzice and body tonicity. The aerobic effort has the final values lower than the initial ones. It is a well-known fact that generally, this motor skill is approached only during the physical education lessons, in the last thematic part, through running in a uniform tempo.

The head rotation to one side causes a characteristic attitude of the asymmetric tonic neck reflex the swordsman s position and an asymmetry of the trunk and limbs. If sport experiences are enjoyable for individuals, it seems reasonable to expect that participation in activity will continue for a long period.


The spprtului contribution of each player compared to maximum fc On the vertical axis ordinate is recorded the heart rate and on the horizontal axis abcisa is the last average heart rate, the record length and the time of day.

Annals of the University of Oradea. Physical Education and Sport Fascicle

The graphic is the integration of the comparative study to the overview contribution which it is made to each player for achieving the goals from the lesson. RESULTS After we applied tests, we codified the subjects initials first and last names to facilitate the procedure, giving to each initial a number from 1 to 48, introducing into comparative tables Tables 3 and 4 and then we proceeded to calculate the preferential status index PSIalso introduced in table form sociometric matrix.

By obtaining accurate values of relevant indicators and finding a record of their synergistically manifestations, then the effects should be significant with regard to the increase of the exercise capacity of high performance female handball.

The number of pulsations measured is lower at the end of the experiment being in relation to the average lengths values of the lessons. Complaints are accompanied by dysfunctionality, thus, affecting activities of daily life.

Combat contractures, muscle retraction and muscular functional imbalances 3. For the high school students, cyclotourism is a very good means of developing the aerobe endurance. Creating a supportive environment by providing encouragement and a positive climate can enable young people to enjoy their experience. Down syndrome DS is the most common genetic cause of developmental disability, characterized by mental retardation and musculoskeletal disorders.

In this case the initial results do not differ greatly of the final ones even if a slight increase of the recording values was seen 3.

Any attempt to rotate gheorfhe trunk in the same direction as head and to roll is hindered by the shoulder retraction and the inability of the spine intersegmentary rotation, through the absence of the recovery reactions. Subjects were divided into four age groups mean age Water therapy improves symptoms and also function.

Curs baschet

Growth and maturation are two important concepts to better understand the identification, selection, and development processes of young athletes. In brief, the following aspects were observed: Metodele de lucru utilizate sunt: It is an important cause of pain and stiffness, leading to long-term disabilities.

He attended annual medical rehabilitation since in Medical Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital Baile-Felix, with discrete improvement of symptoms and function.

The importance of the interaction between dispositional and situational variables has. As one could easily interpret, a test like this is strongly dependent of training load meters swimmed and number of training sessions. Looking retrospectively, as young adults, they all link their present satisfaction with sport to a sense of autonomy in sport when younger.

Pisters MF showed that behavioral graded activity had a better effect on hip osteoarthritis than usual exercise therapy. Within individual calls, the subject is made aware of the qualities and defects that he possible ignoresalthough he possess in the judgment of the group members. The relevant indicators which have not confirmed the hypothesis of the research are: This study advances the idea that aerobic endurance can develop under good conditions also outside these school classes, using both running of various duration on flat or varied landbut also other means, more varied and more attractive for the students at this sensitive age.


Media turnover for the year ended 30 June was million, an increase of 5. Blood chemistry – where we found elevated triglycerides.

Spirometry was performed for restrictive ventilatory dysfunction: The multidimensionality of sport performance and the variability of competences needed to be a top athlete mean that the number of variables able to aportului an explanatory model of future performance is enormous. Blindness of left eye.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. The forces acting on the platform were sampled at 40 Hz. The submaximal effort is another important indicator whose research hypothesis is accepted.

Even if most physical education teachers consider running as the only means of developing endurance, we believe that this ability can be developed very well through other means, which we present below. Hence there is space for a lot of unexplained factors that could affect the performance capacity in a determined moment in every athlete and sport.

The dependent variable is represented by the values of heart rate which may be modified by the effort specific to the handball game. Playing games Playing games soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis represent some of the most beloved means of developing the students motor skills, and not only, constituting an attractive segment of physical education and sports.

The 17 years old patient s present and over time conditions, and her quality of life were assessed using the questionnaire method, ataxia test, Thomas test, Dynamic Gait Index and the assessment of the ADLs.

In prone position, the child can t lift the head or he can t use his arms and hands to support himself; thus he doesn t have the doll s position. Thomas test – results In this chart figure 3 it can be noticed that the hip flexion decreased during the years when the subject did physical therapy, from an angle of 13 into 5 inbefore interrupting the physical therapy.