Geoemyda spengleri is among the world’s smallest turtles, with a carapace length of no more than 11 cm ( in). The carapace is somewhat elongated and.. . The black-breasted leaf turtle (Geoemyda spengleri), also commonly called the Vietnamese leaf turtle or the black-breasted hill turtle, is a species of turtle in the. Black-breasted Leaf Turtle – Geoemyda spengleri (Gmelin ), Paula Morris Differentiating Male and Female Geoemyda spengleri (Black Breasted Leaf.

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Alpha females may do this also. She lays clutches per year, with 1 egg, occasionally 2 eggs, in each clutch. There gfoemyda no inguinal or axillary scutes. The optimistic view for this is recognizing the fact that freshly imported animals are no longer offered in the U.

This then infects the terrestrials who have little resistance to it leading to mucosal GI erosions.

Black-breasted Leaf Turtle | Geoemyda spengleri

Frequent misting of the enclosure, at least daily, is suggested, and a drainage layer will allow the substrate to remain moist, but not oversaturated. Swab any you find with a dab of Vaseline spengperi jelly, wait a few minutes, and carefully pick them off with tweezers. Burmese roofed turtle Northern river terrapin Painted terrapin Red-crowned roofed turtle Southern river terrapin Three-striped roofed turtle. We have yet to experience an animal that will not accept pellets and fruit after such a lengthy wait.

Johns Hopkins University Press. Reptarium The Reptile Database. High temperatures during the winter depended on the intensity of the sun, sometimes just a few degrees above the lows, other times up to the midsF.


The bugs can be purchased online, but usually show up on their own in indoor enclosures. Fong and Michael Lau.

Black-breasted leaf turtle

When kept separately, males will run towards females seconds after introduction. An important decision for potential G. Geoemyda spengleri Gmelin, Testudo spengleri Gmelin, Emys spengleri — SchweiggerGeoemyda spengleri — GrayClemmys Clemmys spengleri — FitzingerNicoria feoemyda — Gray, Geomyda spengleri — MellGeoemyda spengleri sinensis FanGeoemyda spengleri spengleri — Pope Three egg clutches have been reported, but this spengeri very rare.

They experienced a natural photo-period as well as cooler, dryer temperatures during the winter months. The shell is flattened instead of domy, and the toes of both front and rear legs are partially webbed. One reason is because doing so gives females a break from male advances, and this helps ensure every animal is eating and living as stress free as possible. It may NOT be used within Apps.

As far as we know, it has not been proven at this time that G. This species is rarely seen in water and prefers wild, wooded mountain areas, where it is found close to small creeks and wetlands. Turtles of the World, 7th edition: Beobachtungen zum Paarungsverhalten von Geoemyda spengleri Geoemysa 34 4: Anthony Pierlioni is the assistant director of theTurtleRoom https: Some keepers do not keep their animals with a UVB overhead, while those who do use a UVB source seem to do so for peace of mind.

Each of these animals is kept in geeoemyda own vivarium designed to mimic their natural surroundings. Importation spenglsri the U.

Species of the family Geoemydidae. Share this image — Hide sharing options.


The enclosure is sprayed daily to maintain humidity. Black-breasted Leaf Turtle G: Most often, live prey items, such as earthworms, crickets, snails, slugs, and pill bugs, are appreciated greatly.

This can help the turtles feel safe, because as much as we would like to think that they need friends with which to cohabitate, other turtles are often a significant stressor.

The clutch size is just one or two, and there may be up to three clutches in a single nesting season. Please donate to Arkive Help us share the wonders of the natural world. In our experience, when this species is subjected to temperatures below the mid 60s, they slow down greatly, sometimes not moving for weeks.

Black-breasted leaf turtle – Wikipedia

The Vietnamese black-breasted leaf turtle is one of the smallest turtles in the world. Providing an especially elevated spot will be much appreciated by your spengleri.

Phylogenetic arrangement based on turtles of the world update: Both the American and European populations of G. As with any picky eaters, a bit of tough love may sometimes be necessary. We prefer to use Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet above all other pellets and a variety of spenglerl are accepted by our adults.

We generally maintain ours above 60 and below 85 degrees, though both adults and juveniles experience spngleri within a much larger range, allowing for daily and seasonal fluctuations.