Lietuvoje GEO zurnalas dovanoja jums dalelyte turkiskos atmosferos. Spalvingasis Stambulas. BALTICA yra tarptautinis periodinis mokslo leidinys, skirtas Baltijos šalių regiono ir jūros problemoms spręsti. Žurnalas (tuomet – metraštis) įsteigtas m. Title: Nida Art Colony Log 06 / Nidos meno kolonijos žurnalas Nr. 6, Author: an international, open and free online-map, provides geo-data for INDEXMAP.

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The third one — scientiic value is vague and too general for practical purposes, thus it is replaced with the names of six more speciically deined values, referring to the speciic, but diferent ields of science and scientiic disciplines.

An attribute in some speciic contextual terms may characterize several values, as a cultural object acquires, accu- mulates and multiplies diferent values from the zkrnalas of its very existence, from the moment when it was only a thought, or an idea of the investor, or just zurnakas expression of an arising social need at a certain stage of civilization development.

We fall in love with a city we are visiting for the irst time, bustle of its streets, and sound of its cob- blestone roads. The poetic-romantic, even nostalgic sense of the place would become particularly sharp zurnalws the times of social reforms and stirrings, especially in the face of radical changes in the visible environment, which al- ready at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries prompted a physical and imaginative escapism of European artists and intellectuals to exotic lands, pastoral idyll of villages, or glorious past of the nation.

Thus, only at the times of the empire people started to perceive that each place has its special guardian spirit. Thus, I had to introduce, as a new concept, the principle of resource to verify the integrity and authenticity of its components, giving them the status of the attention that had not been mentioned in the Act. The conservators are being assigned the task of providing the heritage resources to the present and future generations, which does not mean only physical enabling access, but also the interpretation and presentation5 of heritage, teaching the pub- lic understanding of the signiicance of historical monuments.

It was used for the carved shapes of the artistic looking structure transcending the bounds of functionality.

During the times of the irst emperor Augustus 63 BC — 14 AD the genius of the leader was increasingly perceived as the patron zuralas the entire territory of the empire — locus. The brewing of salt here began in and has been constantly continued.

Both connotations of the spirit of place are taken into consideration in this essay. The system for moveable heritage recommends an interactive six- step process involving all stakeholders. Log In Sign Up. It results today in a lack of academic preparation of Polytechnic graduates of various professions to undertake challenges in the ield of heritage of technology preservation.


The architecture of the house, the surrounding street architecture and the function of the complex are integrated zrunalas a composition, which was to be protected as having a lasting value through close link with the life stories of Kaunas citizens.

This path would redirect the process of heritage assessment from the ield of memory into unbiased historic waters without stripping it of its emo- tional foundation. Only the ones which are of deepest signiicance for a large number of conservation ields are discussed on conferences. The document states that heritage objects derive their signiicance and distinctive character from the perceived meaningful rela- tionships with their physical, visual, spiritual context and setting.

The picture shows the remains of gardens in form of nar- row line running along facade, an useless now climbing roses support trellis and lat concrete lower pot. The below listed examples of signiicant phrases require appropriate clariication for their zurnlaas, e.

Values can be of diferent types, for example: Anniversary parades, marches, demonstrations, picnics and similar ceremonies, commemorative events at workplace; eg. All three objects were already included into the special lists in connection with the measures towards implementation of political trends for architecture approved by the Lithuanian Government decision No.

Such meaning may become productive, and can be used geoo a new and constructive way in various present-day social contexts based on an interactive rela- tion to the environment where one lives. Contextuality in this case is identiied as gei criterion for high quality architecture. The voluminous structure of expressive forms, designed by the architect Gintautas Telksnys, was, sincea highlight of the proscenium of J. The terms and deinitions of the existing methodologies difers a lot between the heritage disciplines.

National Geographic (žurnalas)

Following the decision to privatise the building, the new owner kept for the time being the same services and a store of funeral supplies in the building.

In accordance with the aim of the conference, the authors of the beo provided zurnakas were asked to fo- cus on two issues, i. Recommended approaches to socio-economic value assessment of LHTR or its components. The publisher disclaims liability for English versions of articles translated zurnalxs their authors.

New value names appear in extenso in the Ordinance of the President of the Republic of 6 Marchon guardianship of monuments, Art. Here the result is the revalorisation — a collection set of socio-economic values of socio-economic efects of the stakeholders to ne- gotiate under the auspices of conservation oicersand together they considered achievable as a result of the investment intention, ie.

They were focussed on inding a trans- parent, inter-disciplinary methodology by which these questions could be answered.

Personal inspection of the interiors allows identiication of the techno-aesthetic value. Patogus ir nepatogus paveldas, mokslinis seminaras — diskusija, Each and every technofact has diferent cultural values acquired successively through the entire period of its existence, or even earlier, while being part of zurnaoas investment plan or a deined social need; their study requires a multidisciplinary expert knowledge.


GEO (žurnalas) – Vikipedija

An initiative of the municipal inspector of monuments about setting up a museum of that site was enthusiastically supported by the local community. They went on to devel- op a methodology within each heritage sector. The detailed diagnosis of the build- ing substance and, above all, its structure and assessment of structural elements, outit and decoration interior are included in the condition report For the irst time the International Scientiic Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration debated the problem of value assessment in Values and Criteria in Heritage Conservation Considering Aesthetic Experience as a Cognitive Process, in: It must be considered, that the above items are easiest to disperse, thus jeopardizing the integrity of the resource.

More transparency using integrated guidelines for the inventory research Finding the same language, collaboration between experts should not be that compli- cated because they adopt virtually the same scientiic approach.

In the coming years, our focus will therefore be, on exploring the possibilities of an integration of assessment systems and participation of more stakeholders to the process of valuation.

National Geographic – National Geographic Lietuva

The paper discusses several cases when public modernist-period buildings with valuable characteristics ei- ther failed to be listed on the national register or have been listed by exception to regu- ggeo procedure. It is because of this we should gather this information in the inventory and make it part of the interpretation. It is only the methodology of movable heritage making it part of the assessment.

The historical events associated with technofact. A speciic manufacturing facility or an engineering structure exist in a landscape, being in diferent degree and in a diferent way associated with neigh- boring urban systems or natural areas.

In the context of Gei studies, the focus is on key cultural heritage concepts in modern Lithuania and how they operate in society.

The articles published in this monograph are based on papers read at conferences and articles written by other authors interested with the discussed subject matter. The result of the analysis of historical value is the narration containing a collection of in- formation useful in popularizing the subject and arousing the awareness of its valence.

GEO (žurnalas)

In this way the results of valuation are used for the purposes of new scientiic research and more knowledge, which as a result will inluence the value. Yet we have to bear in mind that evaluators remain a potential value source. Public consultations and debates should be conducted at all zurbalas of management, i.