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The engine will not run if the rod is put in backwards after it has a magnetic signature.

Yeet contribution to higher temperatures at the inner surface of the outer pipe involves the Ranque-Hilsch effect: In another experimental run I was able to operate the internal combustion engine using crude oil as my sole fuel source. The rod will self detais magnetically by itself after it’s running or you can weld three bumps on each end to center the rod file them to fit snugly. Referring also to FIG. This suggests the importance of increasing the pressure in the bubbler.

Paul Pantone ~ GEET Fuel Pretreater (US Patent # 5,,)

This is a shareware release for “Private Use Only” to convert small gasoline stationary electric generators up to 10 kW! Further such materials would not be considered suitable fuels for furnaces, boilers, turbines, or most other fuel burning equipment. The rod will self center magnetically by itself after it’s running or you can weld three bumps on each end to center the rod file them to fit snugly.

Valve 84 is opened initially to allow the free flow of air 80 through air intake 82 during this starting phase of internal combustion engine Thus the entire magnetic field collapses and entire system shuts down.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

Although the automotive field is very large, our global buildup of toxic waste has become my first choice for production. Most fuel burning equipment in use today is designed to burn a particular fuel. The depth of the water increases the pressure in the preceding reducing stage.


Since the energy field which is radial and longitudinal, as well as self generated and constant, we may assume that the current-voltage characteristic of the GEET plasma field is a pulsating direct current. The change over from starting fuel 24 to pretreated fuel 68 is accomplished by the careful adjustment of valves 26, 84, 57, and For example, internal combustion engines are designed to burn gasoline or diesel fuel, furnaces and boilers to burn natural gas, oil, or coal, and turbines to burn kerosene or jet fuel.

We also set up a newsgroup and FAQ for experimenters to exchange information and new discoveries. If it’s very cold you will have to choke the engine by blocking off the air valve with your finger.

As masses of cold and warm air colliding, an electrical discharge occurs. A few test engines have been tested in cars.

One does not consider crude oil or recycled materials such as used motor oil, cleaning solvents, paint thinner, alcohol, and the like, as a suitable fuel source for an internal combustion engine. The volatilization chamber may be heated to aid in volatilization and in most cases may be advantageously heated by thermal energy from the exhaust in the exhaust conduit of the fuel burning equipment.

Solar energy can be used at a later stage to release the oxygen taken up by the reducing metal and recycle it.

Once these processes are self sustaining, the fuel system is switched over from the gasoline system to the alternate fuel system. First you must convince them it works, and then have a ton of money. An additional stabilizing feature within our Plasma unit is the recirculation zone is through and beyond both ends of the magnetic field, thus intensifying and further stabilizing the plasma.


The technology used in rsactor GEET Fuel Processor is a combination of cpnstruction most basic scientific principles, most of which falls within the normal rules and of thermodynamics. Volatilized alternate fuel 66 is directed into reaction chamber 56 where it is subjected to the pretreatment process of this invention by becoming reaction fuel 67 and then pretreated fuel Plenum chamber 17 acts as a heat exchanger for transferring thermal energy from exhaust 18b to volatilization chamber They told me construcction Jim must have been doing some drugs, if he truly believed that he saw a gasoline engine run on crude oil with no pollution.

The size of the recirculation zone needs to coincide to all other parameters within specific limitations- depending on the fuel source-and demand at any given time. Volatilization chamber reactoe receives a quantity of alternate fuel 60 through a fuel line 62 from an alternate fuel source 63 with the flow thereof being controlled by a valve However, the primary source of thermal energy for the volatilization of alternate fuel 60 is supplied by exhaust 18b as it passes through plenum chamber The turbulent mixing of volatilized fuel 66 as it passes through reactor 50 in combination with the thermal energy imparted to it from exhaust 18 detzils with what is believed to be a catalytic reaction therein initiated by reactor rod 54 produces a pretreated fuel Specifically, I have found that a portion of the length of reactor 50 becomes quite hot, substantially hotter than could otherwise be accounted for from the thermal energy from exhaust 18 alone.