You asked for it here it is! The Project Planning Book written by Stacey David. Want to know the difference in this book and our previous project build book?. We just ordered some more and they will ship to you by 4/ Get your order in now while you can! Go check it out now. these are a great way to keep track of everything you do on your project.

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Buy Special Books : Stacey David’s GearZ – Project Build Book on Sale as of 12/31/ EST

He has worked on numerous vehicle modification and repair projects. Or just a rolling restoration.

Maybe even an old Chevy stepside. I thought there were enough dot points there to form the basis of a project plan, but never got round to it. Soft line to carbs 9.

I donated to and use this spreadsheet Last edit at Looking forward to see the tow truck pdoject and have you thought of doing a RC body of sargent Rock?


The car is calling me, Springsteen is on the stereo and the road never ends.

Stacey David

Over time I’ve come across some useful bits Mike Alexander’s Rebuild projct one http: My problem is finding his show on TV. See the restoration process here: Guys, I’ve just written an article on this very subject that should be published in the next couple of months: To huild that goal, he became a student of legendary hot-rodders custom car builders George BarrisJohn Buttera and Darryl Starbird.

Stacey is a great TV personality, and unlike some, seems totally genuine; a truly good guy.

Inhowever, Fair left the show and David remained the only host. Install gasket under quarter lights 3. Stacey started his career as a musician. My concept is a practical combination between full-on rotisserie and rolling resto, knowing my limits.

Stacey David was born and raised in Idaho. Install lock mechanism external System: Having trouble posting or changing forum settings?

The MG Experience

Install defroster vents again 4. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.


Install trim around shifter. Adjust doors for closing 9.

FREE Restoration Project Planner Download – V8 Speed & Resto Shop

Install banjo for clutch slave cylinder 3. Finish rubber hose to fuel pump and tighten banjos 2. Install door trim panel projecy Install rubber seals top of door to door glass 2.

Install flap door for heater Needs new seal 6. Hi Stacey; I try to watch you builld much as I can when I am not working, I do enjoy the way you mix it up covering alot of different projects. Windshield stay rod 8. Heater cable to hot water valve on side of block 5. Install oil cooler If not, that’s cool. I have been watching for years and I believe Stacy has the most hands on helpful car show on TV.