About Us. Gavekal is a financial services company headquartered in Hong. Gavekal Research. Global macro/ markets research that identifies asset. Technology is at the heart of the US- China trade conflict. The US fears that.

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Et qu’une seule peur: Today, this financial revolution seems to be, at the very best, “put on hold”. L’alternative a ce qui serait un desastre inoui est de prendre les mesures qui s’imposent avant que le FMI ne s’installe a Paris.

Research | Gavekal – Group Site

The booksite is at: TomorrowMakers Let’s get smarter about money. It corresponds over researcy long term to an “equilibrium level”, like the purchasing power parity exchange rate between two currencies. Charles is the author of five books. What Everyone Needs to Know is a concise, comprehensive introduction to the most astonishing economic growth story of the last three decades. How long can those distortions last?

Thoroughly researched and impressive in scope, How Asia Works is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of these dynamic countries, a region that will shape the future of the world. But, to my knowledge, few economists have done any work on the Gospels. Since launching Gavekal in latewe have written a fair amount, and on a wide array of topics. China imports more semiconductors than it does crude oil, highlighting its dependence on foreign technology and know-how.

As a result, when foreign investors rushed for the exit, there was no market. Gavekal Research December 6, Strategy Monthly: All prices include shipping and all proceeds from the book sales go to the Gavekal Endowment. Are the distortions abating? If, however, the rising generation of American, European and Asian politicians and business leaders recognise that changes are inevitable in both market and state fundamentalist thinking, then a mutually beneficial balance should soon be re-established in the politico-economic dynamics of emerging economies and advanced capitalist nations.


So as the US moves to block its access to technology, China is doubling down on its drive to build up a domestic semiconductor industry.

Subscribers receive The Daily a word ressearch on the single most important topic of the day and several longer Ideas pieces each week. Ce sera dur, ce sera long, mais peu de pays ont autant d’atouts que la France pour livrer et gagner cette bataille. In The End Is Not Nighwe push some of the themes developed in Our Brave New World a little further and review the reasons that have led us, in recent years, to shy away from prophecies of doom and why we remain positive on global financial markets.

For Wicksell, the “natural rate of interest” was the rate that causes savings and investment to broadly balance. Gavekal Books Please find below, in eesearch order, books written by Gavekal partners or analysts.


The emerging politico-economic system can therefore be described as ” Capitalism 4. Could this escalate into a replay of the Taiwan Strait crisis, rwsearch something even worse? Our analysis aims to be provocative, engaging, and firmly grounded in data.

In the past years, billions of dollars of Chinese venture capital have poured into US tech firms. This is rarely conducive to faster growth. What Everyone Needs to Know.

About Us | Gavekal – Group Site

This chartbook covers the reasons for the decline in car sales, the rising burden of household debt, the effects of the income-tax cut, the prospects for consumption upgradingā€”and where all these trends are headed in And undeniably, there are serious reasons to be concerned:. But this year its resilience has been questioned, thanks to a sharp fall-off in automobile sales ressearch reported growth rates in retail sales that appeared to bear no relationship to the underlying data.

This suggests that the world will split into three monetary zones, each with its own anchor currency and risk-free asset class. Is the buoyant stock market a temporary aberration, “irrational exuberance”, or a sign of profound change in China’s financial system?


The experience is the same for texts we have head too many times. Charles Gave pose son regard d’economiste et de financier international sur notre epoque: Can it keep growing and still solve its Apres etre passes de la cueillette et du nomadisme a l’agriculture puis a l’ere industrielle, nous entrons dans gvekal de la connaissance. Few significant effects have shown up in the data so far.

US analyst KX bases his equity calls largely on a Wicksellian model that compares the cost of capital with the returns earned by the corporate sector. The financial revolution has hit a serious road-bump and will likely detract more from growth than contribute to economic activity for the foreseeable future. Email queries from readers are promptly answered. Cette revolution aura des consequences incommensurables sur la societe et l’organisation du monde: Please loginrequest a trial or contact our sales team for more information.

Ils ont peut-etre ete trop lus et commentes par des religieux, des moralistes, des philosophes et pas assez par des economistes et des financiers”, affirme Charles Gave. SinceGavekal has offered discerning investors the most creative research on global macroeconomics, financial markets, and asset allocation. If its leaders get urbanization right, China will surpass the United States and cement its position as the world’s largest economy.

This important change is not only having micro consequences but also has big macro implications, including a fall in the volatility of our economic cycle, a higher tolerance for debt, higher prices for assets