Read or print original Gaudeamus Igitur lyrics updated! Gaudeamus igitur / iuvenes dum sumus. / Gaudeamus igitur / iuvenes dum. Gaudeamus Igitur official lyrics by Mario Lanza: Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. Post. Gaudeamus igitur. Juvenes dum sumus. Post jucundam juventutem. Post molestam senectutem. Nos habebit humus. Therefore let us party. While we are young!.

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Ubi sunt qui ante nos In mundo fuere? Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. To explain lyrics, select line or word and click “Explain”. Sing along to the MP3 audio file!

Gaudeamus igitur – Wikipedia

The Epoch of Romanticism. As for antiburschius I don’t know what it is, I can only guess it means penny-pincher, have you consulted a dictionary?

May unity in the truth increase, May lyics brotherhood And the prosperity of our country flourish! Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you?

Gaudeamus Igitur Lyrics

In English it surely is the same word but it has changed its meaning from Latin to English. Post jucundam juventutem Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus.


Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. This translation is meant merely to provide an understanding of the meaning of the Latin lyrics, and is definitely NOT meant as a replacement set of lyrics!

Vivat nostra societas, Gaudeamuss studiosi! Long live our academy, Teachers whom we cherish; Long live all the graduates, And the undergraduates; Ever may they flourish. Write about your feelings and thoughts about Gaudeamus Igitur Know what this song is about? Gaudeamus should be translated, “Let us rejoice” – “So let’s be jolly” has a totally different meeting. Life is short and all too soon We emit our final gasp;: The alma mater 8 shall flourish.

Please also drop me a message about it. Swell th’ eternal chorus.

I’ve entered what I think the feel of the song is here but haven’t added the 3 last verses because they must have been added later on, since their style differs. Retrieved 19 September Vivat academia, Vivant professores, Vivat membrum quodlibet, Vivat membra quaelibet; Semper sint in flore!

Long live all the graduates, And the undergraduates;: We igiur every meaning Follow these rules and your meaning will be published. Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period.


The History of Popular Music. The main meaning is let’s have fun but igitur is either a poor selection of a word or it has to mean something. Don’t hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

Gaudeamus Igitur – English Translation

Also we collected iigitur tips and tricks for you: Why not create an account? Vivat nostra civitas, Maecenatum caritas Quae nos hic protegit.

Mario Lanza — Gaudeamus Igitur lyrics. The centuries of use have given rise to numerous slightly different versions.

Post iucundam iuventutem Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus. They have come together from far and wide; And now forthwith they ascend Into the academic forum! For more guidance, see Wikipedia: It’s not a problem, I just don’t want to include suggestions when I don’t know what’s wrong with my version of it. But that’s only what I remember.