Steading of the Hill Giant Chief has 94 ratings and 3 reviews. Michael (Giants G1). by Be the first to ask a question about Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. Demon Rock Games presents a 5E conversion of G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. This module was originally created for 9 players but the. G1 was the first of the three modules that were released The fort is inhabited by families of Hill Giants and is actually fairly well thought out.

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Vallorie A Kelly rated it really liked it Oct 27, Dale Donovan rated it liked it Jul 15, DM Notes for playing the conversion.

Rewrite the dragon encounters entirely. This has caused great anger in high places, for life and property loss means failure of the vows of noble rulers to protect the life and goods of off and every subject – and possible lean times for the rulers as well as the ruled.

Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl.

Against the Giants – Wikipedia

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Steadibg Steading of the Hill Giant Chiefa tribe of hill giants have been raiding lands occupied by humans, and the humans hire the player characters to defeat them. The Cave of Songs. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Join Date Jul Location taylor street Posts 3, The cover, as with the other early TSR adventures, is in monochrome.


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I loved chidf adventure as a tabletop game, and I’m just so crushingly disappointed at how poorly this was implemented by this builder in NWN. While G2 and G3 have a relatively smooth EL progression even if converted in an encounter-for-encounter fashion, G2 really requires an 11th-level party to survive it, and probably works best with a 12th-level party, unless you seriously reduce the number of giants.

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Walkthrough Map: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

A big problem with G1 is that the principal adversaries therein are, of course, hill giants: The Darkening Sky – Prologue. This, then, turned into a question in my statistics class Monday night: My advice is to skip to D1 or even further, I think hcief quality improves much with each module in the series.

The Exile – IceBlink. Giants have been raiding the lands of men in large bands, with giants of different sorts in these marauding groups. Without a DM, this falls completely flat. Skip to main content. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If anything, I think there’s something cool about the idea of a magic-user trying to bend the laws of physics just a tad too far and seeing it not work out.

When general combat did break out there, I pulled it out with one or two player-groans at how many tables, benches, and giants were then appearinggill afterwards borrowed BJ’s wet-erase ghe as the chase led into the eastern corridor system getting bottled up at the “T” between the sub-chief’s, dormitory, and barracks rooms, for those of you with the module.


Entering the main door, they dispatched the stuporous guards and quickly located the Great Hall one giant wandering out alone to find a shocking fate.

Delta April 19, at The second level is also made of obsidian rocks and natural caverns. After defeating the jarl, the adventurers have a chance to pull an iron lever which will transport them near to Snurre ‘s hall from Hall of the Fire Gill King.

G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief – for DM’s Only

As the dimensions of the great hall are sufficiently giant — 80 feet by feet with a 40 feet by 80 feet annexe — magic-user spells such as fireball can be used to full effect, and one rather suspects they will be! I’d suggest the following: Amazon Drive Cloud steadiny from Amazon. One hill giant was taken by a charm monster spell and pumped for information while the battle raged dropping the name of “King Snurre” at one point, and otherwise providing some comic relief.

Revenge of the Giants. I swear I don’t ever recall ever using that portion of the effect. The first top level includes the queen’s rooms, barracks, and kennels.