Placed on the throne in at the age of two, Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi became the tenth ruler of the Ch’ing Dynasty and the last From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi. Front Cover. Puyi, William John Francis Jenner. LibraryThing Review. User Review – tonynetone – LibraryThing. Last Emperor of China by Pu Yi (Author) () Last Emperor of China 1 July – 12 July. Puyi or Pu Yi of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, was the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and Behr p. ; ^ Pu Yi; Jenner, W.J.F. (). From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi. Oxford University Press. pp.

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You may send this item to up to five recipients. Republic of China declared.

Jenner ; afterword by Simon Winchester. It takes thought reform under the communist Chinese for him to see his flawed character and false perception of the world.

May 28, Hadrian rated it it was ok Shelves: Para kasim bahkan sering mendorongnya ke dalam sebuah kamar dan membiarkannya menangis dan menjerit-jerit hingga berhenti sendiri. Puyi believed Manchukuo was just the beginning, and that within a few years if would again reign as Emperor of Chinahaving the yellow Imperial Dragon robes used for coronation of Qing emperors brought from Beijing to Changchun.

Jadi, paham ya kenapa aku masih bingung mau baca versi yg ini atau versi Edward itu, sebab pertanyaan intinya: You knew perfectly well what you were doing when you took refuge in the Legation Quarter, when you traveled under Japanese protection to Tianjin, and when you agreed to become Manchukuo Chief Executive.

It was only when the Empress came into my field of vision with a crimson satin cloth embroidered with a dragon and a phoenix over her head that I felt at all curious about what she looked like. Perjalanan Pu Yi yang tidak mudah dari mulai autobioyraphy hingga dia menjadi bual-bualan teman-teman sell nya ketika dalam penjara. After decades of an empty life in the enclosed ejperor of the Imperial court-in-exile, as it were, scheming ineffectively for a return to rule, he was ripe to be installed as a puppet in Japanese-controlled Manchukuo.

This fascinating account not only depicts an empire in the throes of death and the zeal of a new-born regime, but also reveals the tragic story of a man who was a helpless subject of family and government turmoils and not really a ruler at all.


Despite studying Manchu for years, atuobiography admitted that it was his “worst” subject among everything he studied.

From Emperor To Citizen: The Autobiography Of Aisin Gioro Pu Yi

Email me when available. InPuyi visited Japan, sailing from Dalian to Yokohama on the warship Hieiand while he met the Showa Emperor at a Tokyo railroad station, a moment of unintentional comedy occurred when Puyi attempted to take off a too tight white glove before shaking the Emperor’s hand, which he had to struggle with for some time while everyone else struggled not to laugh.

I don’t think we’ll ever know. Every day Puyi had to visit five former imperial concubines, called his “mothers”, to report on his progress. During this time, Reginald Johnston, a Scottish district officer and magistrate of the British-leased territory of Weihaiwei in Shantung, became Pu Yi’s tutor and established a bond with the young emperor that both remembered fondly in their writings.

The system had flaws of course.

From Emperor To Citizen: The Autobiography Of Aisin Gioro Pu Yi by Pu Yi

This was a man who had complete control over millions of people, lost it during the revolution ofand foolishly tried to gain it back in vain.

Please verify that you are not a robot. Bisa jadi dia tak ingin mati krn salah bicara, sehingga tak heran kalo bagi sebagian orang tuh merasa dia menulis ini hanya utk menunjukkan bahwa dia sudah benar-benar jadi seorang komunis. He leave early in the morning on the following day and for the rest of that day he would invariably be in a very filthy temper indeed. Nah, ketemu juga kisah Puyi yg versi bahasa Indo, haha. It could be a great autobiography but puyi was asked to write this book by chairman mao.

She was sent away when he was eight years old. Puyi had wanted the capital to be Mukden modern Shenyangwhich had been the Qing capital before the Qing conquered China inbut was overruled by his Japanese masters. Jul 30, Stefan Matias rated it it was amazing.

From Emperor to citizen: autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi – Puyi – Google Books

These days, all Chinese historians fro, the appalling consequences of the “Great Leap Forward”, and deplore the repression that followed the “Let a hundred flowers bloom” movement. Saat itu merupakan saat yang paling membahagiakan bagi dirinya. Tak diragukan lagi, buku ini adalah catatan yang unik, memikat, dan penting tentang sejarah China yang aisin-gioo kacau dan dramatis, serta tentang seorang manusia yang menjadi saksi atas semuanya.

This was similar to Italy’s Law of Guarantees which accorded the Pope certain honors and privileges similar to those enjoyed by the King of Italy. Bisa jadi dia tak ingin mati krn salah bica Nah, ketemu juga kisah Puyi yg versi bahasa Indo, haha.


A Japanese colonel, our guide, showed us the triumphal arches, the electric light decorations and endless flags. Lelaki tua itu tertawa dan menjawab kalau dahulu ia pernah duduk di kursi itu. Sekaligus, buku ini menambah pengetahuan saya akan sejarah China. Puyi noted in shame and horror: Belakangan walau sudah menyerahkan banyak hartanya untuk menunjukkan itikad baik, Pu Yi tetap harus mencuci dan menambal pakaian serta membetulkan kaca matanya yang rusak sendiri.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this boy in yellow robes sitting solemnly on the throne”. This inspires me in perspective of how to aisin-fioro life, be grateful of what we have and believe that there is always rise and fall in our life. Kagum karena akhirnya Pu Yi mengakui semua kesalahannya Senang karena pemberian grasi khusus dan dia dibebaskan dari penjara dan menjalani hidup seperti rakyat biasa.

Published by Foreign Languages Press first published The restoration failed due to extensive opposition across China and the decisive intervention of another warlord, Duan Qirui. From emperor to citizen. Titled the Xuantong Emperor Wade-Giles: This is one of those occasions where the movie is better than the book.

Finding libraries that hold this item Sebagai bukti, lelaki tua itu mengatakan bahwa dahulu ia pernah menyembunyikan sebuah bambu berisi jangkrik di balik bantal yang tersusun sebagai alas di kursi tersebut. You already recently rated this item.

From emperor to citizen : the autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi

He This is one of those occasions where the movie is better than the book. University of Washington Press. Puyi left his house in Tianjin by hiding in the trunk of a car. This article has multiple issues. He died in Beijing of complications arising from kidney cancer and heart disease on 17 October at the age of The next day, Puyi abdicated as Emperor of Manchukuo and declared in his last decree that Manchukuo was once again part of China.

Tough KMT generals, and even tougher Citizeen generals, brought up in the samurai tradition and the Bushido cult which glorifies death in battle and sacrifice to martial Japan, became, in Fushun, just as devout in their support of communist ideals as Puyi”.