Fritzel FB HF Beam. Read more.. Availability: Out of stock. Backorder possible . € This is not a stock item. Please send an email for expected delivery. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen ±50mm ohne praktische Beam ist von FB FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ.

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It may be removed with thinner. The rivets replaced by stainless steel bolt and nut. The previous owner blew a few running 1 KW. Other publishers on the internet don’t advise cleaning with metal sponges because residual fibers would cause a short circuit. All high Quality 2mm thick wall alu. If that process has taken a long fditzel it may be frritzel to push the trap out of the fritzeo. Der Begriff reicht weit und umfasst praktisch jeden Umgang mit Daten.

The windings with Teflon insulation remained intact. Sofern wir Dritte mit der Verarbeitung von Daten auf Grundlage eines sog. It’s about the traps with a diameter of 4 cm, not the newer type with a diameter of 5 cm. This can be useful in detecting a defect if on a particular band the SWR of your antenna is not good anymore.

Because weather the grey colour of the caps become almost white. Apart from the permanent damage caused to the hot toroid, the shell partially melted and changed shape.

Reviews Summary for Fritzel FB The gain was better swr was better too. When I purchased it, it seemed that most of the hams around here had one. On top I put the small vertical for VHF and in the middle the U-shaped aluminum tube for both the beams. They should assembled directed to the feed point of the antenna.


The thickest aluminium rod in the new fritzl has a diameter of 28 mm. I have had 4 other HF yagi’s from 3 different brands before, but this is tops in build quality. Even a treatment with silicone spray works preservative on the coils and antenna rods.

Amateurfunk Forum • Elementabstände Fritzel FB33

Remove oxidation, dirt and apply silicone grease as a protection to. The contact is apparently sufficient for the current through 15 m fritzeel for the 20 m bandbut insufficient as parallel circuit trap for the 15 m band.

We saw almost everything from 1 to 5 elements for 1 or more bands. Ich kann Dir nur vom FB23 die Daten liefern: Due fritzell telling this accident to a radiofriend I stumbled across a new tower which I bought after transporting it from A to B. Die Abmessungen der verschiedenen Versionen sind hier zu finden: For example the antenna resonates fitzel on two bands, but does not work on the third one. I had a FB53 14 years ago. If you have any questions about my antennafarm….

Vice versa with the longer traps as used for the 40 meter band length 45 cm I have observed which the tube aren’t round but are oval.

OZ8CTH – Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio

The whole story turns out to become a soap since the written and signed approval in and the changing of the city rules and legislation in and again in After some time the wires are covered with fritzzel and oxidation, especially against the vent of the outer tube. I used it on quads overe there and it was wonderful.

  IRU 3037 PDF

In it were a 4 element 50 MHz antenna and the FB33 with the extension kit for 30 mtr with the ropes tied to the boom and frifzel. The arrays are built extremely well and perform nicely.

Amateurfunk Forum – Archiv

Now we have and I never heard anything from the citycounsil fitzel The revited joints are not always perfect and together with the aforementioned crystallization create a poor contact or even a break.

Top height is about 21 ft. My proposal fix not tried is to add two extra screws at degree each to the other so to distribute the stress along the circumference insulator”.

We looked at the prices which varied from cheap to expensive. Furthermore I found in my archives the lengths fritzl the elements of an FB, whose production year is unknown to me.

I will wait and see what the outcome will be! If you want to buy something 2nd hand, look at the size of the traps, the diameter of the tubes and the version of the balun.

Fritzel FB-33

If you want to replace the aluminium look for companies that provide fencing for farmers. The balun and all traps are still ok after all these years. Took me some 4 weeks to clean all aluminum and traps inside too.

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