We have 6 Fresenius Medical Care K manuals available for free PDF download: Troubleshooting Manual, Operator’s Manual, Technical Manual. View and Download Fresenius Medical Care K operator’s manual online. K Hemodialysis Machine Operator’s Manual. K pdf manual download. FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL KHOXJMBJNW | PDF | 45 Pages | KB | 06 Apr FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL.

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Quarterly Hour Preventive Maintenance Replacing The Diasafe Plus Filter On the K, the TMP is normally negative. Power Failure During Dialysis The K can be configured in Service mode so that audible alarms occur only when the optical detector senses blood. The Level Adjust key can only be used to raise the level in the arterial chamber. This is the average UF rate at this point in the fresenuus ml. Wait until blood pressure module completes resetting and retry blood pressure reading. Page 91 The prescribed target single-pool value, ranging from 0.

To shift the window downward, press the Down arrow key. Completion Of Dialysis The dialysate compartment should not be emptied prior to cleaning the dialyzer. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy frwsenius Check RO-processed water for residual disinfectant and be sure the water is manaul acceptable limits before connecting the water supply to the K.

Dialysate Screen Settings Conductivity bar graph.

Fresenius Medical Care K Manuals

Fresenius Medical Care manufactures bloodlines for use with the model K hemodialysis freesenius. The red lines on the machine are guides for arterial bloodline from patient to dialyzer. Page If 200k8 message is not Message cleared, alert a qualified technician. Creating Custom Uf Profiles These tests are not used in the Mean Kecn value.


If failure repeats, remove from service. The yellow dotted line shows the alert level. If there is no blood alarm present, pressing and holding this key for one full second will re-center the arterial and venous alarm limits. The data entry keys, at the bottom of the treatment display section, are the means used to enter treatment parameter fresnius or make selections inside the treatment screen. New Since your Last Visit. K During the main program of chemical No Chemical Intake Alarm Retry chemical rinse and if problem persist, remove from service.

UF rate will be maintained even with low blood pump speeds. Page Company neither assumes, nor authorizes the assumption of, any obligation or liability in connection with such equipment.

General Warnings This section contains fresenlus warnings statements regarding the use and maintenance of the Fresenius K hemodialysis machine.

Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Operator’s Manual

Home Screen Monitoring Mount the dialyzer in its holder, arterial-end up. What has changed, not the machine! The range of the display is different depending on the location of the chamber. Tubing Retainer A spring-loaded device that secures the pump segment in place.

Completion Of Dialysis A second internal TP is also installed. Figure 34 — Heparin Delivery Screen on page Post Temperature Sensor Calibration The machine should The fluid frwsenius of the K can be disinfected chemically or with heat.

Chapter 1 Overview New Treatment Key Chapter 3—Setting Treatment Parameters New Treatment Key When the K is first turned on in preparation for daily operation after a long power downall treatment parameters revert to their default settings. Additional Monitoring Alarm in case of power failure.


Requirements Index An index to aid the operator in referencing information is included Requirements Operators of the K Hemodialysis machine must be trained to administer hemodialysis at the direction of a physician.

Confirm if to min.

K Air Detector Alarm The level of blood in the venous drip Blood 1 Inspect the venous drip chamber and level detector module to chamber is too low. The Fresenius K can be set up for various concentrate fresdnius. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Manuals

Page 26 The fluid level has dropped below the sensors in the venous drip chamber. Using cuff tubing longer than 10 feet may result in erroneous blood pressure readings. Voltage Detector Calibration Troubleshooting In some cases, the operator must reset them.

About Hemodialysis Infections or pyrogen reactions may also result from contamination of the extracorporeal circuit or inadequate procedures used to reuse dialyzers. Appendix B – Calibrate If Replaced Page 94 The result will be more accurate if both tests are done at the same blood flow rate.

The Fresenius K Dialysate Delivery Machine was designed and built to comply with these product specifications. If problem persists, take blood pump Blood Pump Message module out of service and alert a qualified technician.