Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual. Uploaded by. Zeynel Ulusoy. USA- E* AC SPINDLE DRIV TROUBLESHOOTING, i A D V A N C E D AND . Hi Guys, I Replaced the power supply (SF-PW) on this spindle drive about 3 months ago and it was working fine for the last 3 months. For the. Mitsubishi vector Inverter Motor (SF-V5RU Series), English, , MB. FR -A/F/E/D SERIES TECHNICAL MANUAL, English,

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The input power imped- o Check that the alarm occurs 0 Replace the power supply ante is high.

Normally, it is set to 0. The power cable into the machine had a wire broken. The unit is in pulses.

Name for G51 PINl. At the time, the I- address display LED blinks and indicates that the data can be re- written. Check your electrical manual. The machine is in E-stop state; any thoughts on what ferqrol could be?

When the length of the power cable is long, its size should be large to prevent power fluctuation. Last, insert your fingers into the cavities 2 posi- tions on the hinge panel and remove the entire SF-CA card from the hinge panel. Encoder Hexadecimal type 2: Spindle orientation control circuit This chapter describes the maintenance, installation, and adjustment procedures for the electric orientation fixed position stop function which is provided to the spindle of an NC machine.

SF-TL card is defective. Click here to sign up. Fixed parameter being set when E2ROM is initially set. This parameter becomes valid when t01 NOX is set to 2. Thanks Greg for all the information and diagonising the problem. Indexing input Standard setting: The wiring of the motor Disconnect the cables between Replace the motor with a is rare-shortcircuited the amplifier and motor and new one. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Find and Buy online the model required on your Machine-Tools.


BCD 3 digits not used In the case of the analog speed reference “0” or “1” is selected. Close wzth spindle PRE Based on point c, move point b. Spindle 25 OSP orientation Orientation speed is set. Checking and replacing parts As noted above connection and power supply problems are very common.

Mitsubishi FR-SF: Industrial Automation, Control | eBay

This parameter value should be set in the manner that the ratio of 37 55 23 VKI -n loop the speed loop to the proportional 0 – integral type gain VKP becomes nearly constant. The orientation stop position deviates. The part should be replaced every 2 years. This parameter becomes valid when 01 NOX is set to 1 or 2. The sensor in the motor o Check that the output wave- o Replace the entire motor built-in encoder is forms between PA and PGA and with a new one. Good Result guys, Thanks a lot, Mark.

Bus linkage with NC. Note The following defective situations 1 can be considered.

Item Cause Check Fr-st The phase sequence of o Increas the value of the o Match the phase sequence of the wires U, V, freqrpl W speed reference and check the motor with that of the 1 of the motor are not that the motor rotates only amplifier. When the spindle of the machine rotates counterclockwise at approx. Login to Your Account. B signal using an OscillO- o Correctly connect the shield 4 scope. For normal operation, 1 and 2 should be shortcircuited. Appendix 11 Table 1. When the orientation time is long fd-sf the time period point b to c on which the spindle rotates at a creep speed, increase OSP and PGl in the man- ner that the spindle doesn’t overrun when it stops.


CSN2 2nd cushion Not used.

This parameter is set when the orientation should be adjusted by each gear. The power cable should conform with the cable size des- cribed in Appendix 3.

Out of stock – currently unavailable. It should be set in the range from 1 time to 2 times H to H. It worked away for another while and I thought I’ll close the door on the spindle drive. Item Fr-sv Check Remedy The detector magne- o Rotate the motor in the man- 0 Readjust the related cont- sensor or encoder is ner that it does not per- rols by referencing the defective. BUnless the forward rotation signal, reverse rotation signal or orientation signal is input- ted the freqdol is in the free run state where the base shut-off takes place.

Fixed on the heat radiation fin with screws. The info on the meau site tells you how to check the transistors, it’s in the troubleshooting manual i think.



For gear 00, the number of gear teeth The number of gear on the motor shaft side is set. For gear 01, the number of gear teeth: Rewrites the contents of a parameter. Note The parameter 00 becomes valid just after it is set to 1. In case of bus See Sections 2.