O objetivo do presente artigo é revisar a literatura disponível sobre o uso da abordagem de Stoppa modificada em fraturas de acetábulo. Balbachevsky D, Pires RE, Faloppa F, Reis F. Tratamento das fraturas da pelve e acetábulo pela via de Stoppa modificada. Acta Ortop Bras. Lesões arteriais potencialmente mortais associadas a fraturas do acetábulo: A propósito de um caso clínico. Rev. Port. Ortop. Traum. [online]. , vol, n.2, .

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Reprodutibilidade da classificação de Tile para fraturas do acetábulo

Rev Asoc Argent Ortop Traumatol. Reproductibilidad de la clasificacion de Letournel para las fracturas cetabulares: Case with hidden diagnosis.

The mean time that elapsed between the injury and the surgery was 8. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. This demonstrates that there was a direct relationship between evolution to osteoarthrosis and poor reduction of the fracture, with consequent patient dissatisfaction 2.

Starting from these concepts, many surgeons were encouraged to treat these injuries surgically and, since then, many studies on surgical treatment of acetabular lesions have been published.

Les fratures articulaires de la hanche.

The collapse of the femoral head was characterized by a loss of sphericity of the femoral head with flattening of the load-bearing area that is usually associated with sclerosis of the subchondral area Figure 3. Small volume of associated extraperitoneal hematoma.

Please review our privacy policy. Fractures of the acetabulum.

Work received for publication: The time that elapsed between the injury and the surgical treatment was a mean of Such data should be viewed with caution given the small number of cases with collapse. A prospective study of surgically treated acetabular frqturas. Clin Orthop Relat Res. The statistical analysis on the possible associations between the duration acefabulo the operation, age, color, sex and type of fracture did not find any significant values.

  IEC TR 80002 1 PDF

Giannoudis et al 7 used the Letournel classification 1 for analysis purposes.

Proposal for standardization of radiographic studies on the hip and pelvis

Surgical treatment of displaced acetabular fractures 72 cases followed for 10 years. The clinical evaluation was done in accordance with the Harris criteria, and good or excellent results were obtained for 62 patients A review of the treatment of hip dislocations associated with acetabular fractures.

No prophylaxis for heterotopic ossification was administered. The primary complication in fractures of the acetabulum is post-traumatic arthritis; other complications include nonunion, shortening of the affected limb, myositis ossificans, neurological and vascular changes, segmental collapse, fraturae head necrosis, among others 2,4,5, The follow-up period was fratudas months and we performed the evaluation at the end of this period. Unable to process the form.

The decrease in the area of contact between the articular surface of the femoral head and the acetabulum, caused by poor fracture reduction, leads to increased pressure on the cartilage and the underlying bone. To conduct a prospective study on unstable and incongruent fractures of the acetabulum, in comparison with the literature, covering the type of access, fixation materials, degree of reduction, type of fracture and results after surgery.


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Regarding the patients’ degree of satisfaction, it was observed that Through the contribution made by Letournel 1open anatomical reduction followed by rigid internal fixation became regarded as the gold standard for treating displaced fractures of the acetabulum. Acetabular fractures in the UK.

This aim becomes more difficult as the treatment becomes postponed, and such delays consequently end up influencing the functional result for these patients 5. Clin Orthop Relat Res. We adopted a significance level of 0.

Matta et al 3 reported that fractures that had evolved for 14 or more days presented compromised quality of reduction because of surgical difficulties, and they therefore considered such fractures to be old. Fractures of the acetabulum: Other factors that influenced the prognosis for the fractures included deep infection 2. Related Radiopaedia articles Pelvic fractures Promoted articles advertising.

Most of the patients were male, in an economically active age group, and were victims of traffic accidents. A retrospective analysis was conducted on fractures of the acetabulum that were treated surgically by physicians at the Pelvis and Acetabulum Center of INTO, between March and November