Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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But there is insufficient proof of this, and its late date c. Let us consider briefly some of these ftank and what they stood for. A “political war” in the church was not won by whoever had the largest wallet and the greatest influence; else we might today be known as Marcionites rather than Christians.

It is altogether possible that the Cephas of the Pauline literature was a real person, a leader of the quasi-Jewish Samaritan savior cult who took the title of his god. He divided the NT into two collections: On burden of proof, comparison is made thusly: Metzger therefore notes that Marcion did not create the idea of a canon, but did accelerate a process of zlndler the canon that feank already begun!

He does not cite Hebrews, James, 2 Peter, 2 and 3 John, and Grank – but again, whether due to shortness or rejection, we cannot say.

Lincoln preferred a rocking chair to the normal seating and the brother of the theater owner provided one. How this qualifies as an “error” is beyond me.

Frank Zindler

In a perverse sort of way, heretics were partially responsible for the formation of the NT canon! Because of this, a need arose to ensure the “stamp of apostolic guarantee” on all materials – and at the same time, oral tradition grank its importance.


Councils at Hippo and Carthage confirmed this enumeration. Synodal judgments and episcopal pastoral letters concerning the contents of the Bible become usual only in the fourth century, and at first are of only local importance.

Zindler is xindler a proponent of the mythicist theory that no historical person lies behind the Gospel picture of Jesus of Nazareth.

Take the lack of documentation by Zindler as meaningful. Clearly as well there is some attempt being made here to clear a claim that the citizens of this large city should not have to pay taxes. Internet Infidels Needs Your Support! John may be using a variant spelling [as Josephus used three different spellings for the same region] or making an intentional alteration to allude to the later Bethany, so that Jesus’ ministry began and ended at a Bethany.

Regardless of what any skeptic might say, the clergy were certainly men of principle in that regard!

Philosophically, I frakn a logical empiricist and materialist, and I am a veteran of over radio and TV interviews and debates. At about the same time, though no titles are given, the Book of Jubilees indicates that there are 22 accepted books.

He sees much in NT imitation of OT models.

I don’t have the words to express my contempt for Jeff Lowder, whose only comment about Frank Zindler, a giant of a man, was that he’s one of the worst atheist debaters. He says, “some scholars have thought that the original version of the gospel of Mark had a twelve-part structure sort of the Christian equivalent of the Twelve Labors of Hercules another savior godlet.

zundler In principle, not at all, and the statements made by Zindler regarding the text of the Bible would be regarded with dismay and horror in the circles of “secular” textual criticism.

A second edition of Joshua is 5 percent shorter, most of what is missing being elucidations. If they do NOT know, then they are just blowing hot air or arguing for the sake of it.


Newer Post Older Post Home. The idea of a “canon” did not originate with the Bible. Zindler is also apparently unaware that the practice of literary mimesis imitation was a fine art in antiquity. Now what ftank want to know is, where does Zindler get these claims? Zindler is an outspoken opponent of Creationism and has participated in several Evolution v. Of which matter I shall treat more accurately in the progress of this history.

Again, such arguments are generally advanced only by the uninformed. The syncretistic beast of Gnosticism was starting to breathe down the Church’s neck, ready to absorb Jesus into its fold.

Debunking Christianity: Frank Zindler, the Voice of Atheism in America for at Least a Decade

All too soon, it seemed, the “honeymoon” was over. And what of those who happened to disagree with one or more choices of these councils, the “final arbiter,” so to speak? The Montanists focused on “ecstatic utterances” and created “new scriptures” based on those utterances. Zindoer objections are just as easily rebutted:. Taylor believed de Spire himself to have been the forger.

Frank ZindlerLowder. If you don’t turn them over to the authorities, you may be harmed or killed. Heretic 4 – The Montanists The Montanist heresy, which began either or AD, was perhaps not as destructive as other heresies, but zindper Marcionism, it spurred the church onwards to the fixing of a canon.