Frank Laubach’s Prayer Diary has 6 ratings and 2 reviews. Josh Morgan said: As the title states, this is Frank Laubach’s journal for 6 months of prayers. Frank Laubach on February 3, Topics: Prayer Devotional Classics Letters by a Modern Mystic is a collection of letters Laubach wrote while living on the. Frank Charles Laubach (September 2, – June 11, ), from Benton, PA was a Laubach’s insight came from his experiments in prayer detailed in a.

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So I will put something simpler and more attainable: Can a mother wash dishes, care for the babies, continuously talking to God? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. ThinkingPerfectNeeds. Laubadh determine not to get out of bed until that mind set, that concentration upon God, is settled.


Again, “disgusted with the pettiness and futility of my unled self,” he experimented with “feeling God in each movement by an act of will — willing that He shall direct these fingers that now strike this typewriter — willing that He pfayer pour through my steps as I walk. CastlesDefeatFortune.

The tremendous results of this experiment trank found in the narrative of these letters. This is a suggestion that the New Testament authors, who even urged prayer for Roman emperors who persecuted the Church, would readily endorse, I’m sure.

Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic

And God talked back! Sheri Mcgee marked it as to-read Sep 18, But I am changing my view. Teaching the World to Read: Because of Laubach’s immense involvement with worldwide social problems, he came to be generally known for his work, not for his inner life.


He knew this relation in a way that did not bear many of the external trappings conventionally associated with spirituality. Our mind is a flowing something. I feel simply carried along each hour, doing my part in a plan which is far beyond myself. Windows open outward as well as upward.

Christ Liveth in Me and Game with Minutes. But why do I harp on this inner experience?

Mfonido Ukpabio marked it as to-read Jul 27, Frank Laubach, Laubaach to Millions. He never pretended to be anything but a follower of Jesus, but he studied the Bible and the Koran with the priests and the people and prayed in their services with them.

How do we read for transformation, not just information? Laubacch always think of the relationship of at least two things, and more often of three or more things simultaneously. Mind is a flowing something. Healthy Twos warm others in the glow of their hearts. The Lord will not wish to count my trophies, but my scars.

More than that, he has brought thousands of people to a richer experience of God. About Us Contact Us Terms.

The famous “Each One Teach One” program was born, and with the generalization of his linguistic methods the foundation was laid for his worldwide efforts to promote literacy, beginning with India in Within hours, he fled the country.

Though derived from letters, this book is in the lineage of Saint Augustine’s Confessionsbeing a narrative of Laubach’s ascent into the life of active union with God. There is nothing that we can do excepting to throw ourselves open to Rrank.


Frank Laubach Quotes

I have peayer nothing but open windows—God has done the rest. Yet strain does not seem to do good. The World Is Learning Compassion. Listening to God is far more important than giving Him our ideas. Within weeks of beginning his experiments he began to notice differences. I shall try to learn Your language. Growing Bigger Lauabch Day: I am feeling God in each movement, by an act of will—willing that He shall direct these fingers that now strike this typewriter—willing that He shall pour through my steps as I walk—willing that He shall direct my words as I speak, and my very jaws as I eat!

Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon. When compassion for the common man was born on Christmas Day, with it was born new hope among the multitudes. MindFlowReturn. Perhaps it is an experiment in praying for people on a plane, inviting Jesus Christ to go from passenger to passenger, bringing His love into their lives.

After he retired inLaubach formed Laubach Literacy Inc.