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Thought is a magnet: I sent down town by a friend for a little brown teapot; when I came home in the afternoon rather tired — ought one to say so? If I could only tell you how much I appreciate your giving me this glorious hope, and the oarimer and trouble you have taken to make the way clear, which you surely did!

And isn’t there a feeUng of nearness among us all that we never knew or could know as natural beings? In the above quotation the word Power may alrimer substituted in place of God. We know from a material standpoint that words are alive; from the fact that they are the very expression of life, and but for Life there could be no words at all.

wwarner The results I freely give. I will tell you one good way to coach your faith m abundance. The Bible gave me the key to the secret of active faith, and here it is: But I am sure that Miss Cady means that there must come a time when we must rely wholly upon the within for light and guidance. Lovingly yours in Faith, Fbances Larimer Warner. Well, since spirit and life are one and my thought is impelled by wqrner one life urge, then is it so strange that thought is creative?


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. So all of our trouble comes, I am sure, from our trying to serve both “God lxrimer mammon. He would read it, as it is so logical and has been made a college text book.


One day his mother said; “Fred, why do you go to the store every morning? I will refer you to Isaiahalso It makes no difference to It whether it forms itself into a hovel or mansion, congenial or uncongenial work, since we are not to be deprived of free moral agency, or choice.

Don’t you see, my dear, that the science of letters and num- bers that you have tried to abide by, is a natural not a spiritual science? But we ftances longer look back and mourn over lost time, as we know that the infant soul just emerged from the chrysalis of humanity is not subject to time, and it has all it can do in getting used to the new regime.

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Your hair has expressed yoiu- thought of limit- ation and so has not grown abundantly. My Dear Lover of Souls: So here I am, writing about him. When I hear from you again, will continue this topic for my next letter.

You certainly have great faith to still stand by your convictions of Truth, though finding yourself, after having studied twenty years, still unable to apply it to the financial problem.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. OUR letter, with several others, was received just as we were leaving home and I am doing them the best justice possible while on the wing, as am with my husband on a business trip through- out South Dakota; then we return to Faulk- ton to start on an overland trip of several hundred miles with horses, an outing we have always desired to take.


I felt after reading your article, as many did — could that be for me?

Frances Larimer Warner (Author of Our Invisible Supply)

I too concentrated for two years or more on EmiUe Cady’s chapter on faith till I became firmly convinced that faith was the Law through which Spirit worked, and that nothing should be impossible to me when I thoroughly understood this law.

You ask for my terms for instruction. Remember the experience of Jehosophat who when he began to sing and praise, smote the Ammonites. I have been much troubled in all my efforts hitherto by two things; first, inability to concentrate; and, second, and perhaps for that reason, that I have failed to make five and actual my con- ception of God and His abiding place within me and so my “treatments” became mere words to me, for all my earnest desire.

Trusting that this may clear away some of the mist that seems to obstruct your spiritual vision, I am very cordially yours, Frances Larimer Warner. To elucidate still further, diamonds and emeralds only typify to me pure substance and i OvT Invisible Supply eternal youth. Without reading, preferably instructional books, then nothing will contradict that thinking. I was a close student for nearly ten years before I was able to prove it my supply, as well as my health and happiness, but I knew the failure was because of a lack of understanding and not a lack in reality: