Clasificacion de las Fracturas de Pelvis y Acetabulo Dr. Eduardo Carrillo P. Ortopedista y Traumatologo – Universidad Javeriana Clasificacion. Slide 8 of 56 of Power fractura de pelvis y acetabulo 2. Slide 13 of 56 of Power fractura de pelvis y acetabulo 2.

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Acetabular fracture

Typically caused by a combination of forces acting on the hip though the femoral head. Like any other acetabular fracture, if the femoral head is dislocated out of the socket, xe reduction into socket is a priority. In this variety of fracture, the posterior or ilio ischial column is broken as a transverse fracture while the anterior or ilio pubic column is broken into multiple pieces.

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If the femur head is dislocated, it should be reduced as soon as possible, to prevent damage to its blood supply. Of acetaabulo, for both sexes, clothes and fashion options can be just as intricate, and there are numerous’trendy’items which could quickly become fashion faux pas – who are able to say they often see people running around in 70s flares? Fractures of the acetabulum occur when the head of the femur is driven into the pelvis.

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Clasificación de Fracturas de Pelvis y Acetábulo by Pedro AG on Prezi

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Airports were always bustling places, especially during the holidays, but as long as you gave yourself adequate time, the process was usually the same. Espero vuestras opiniones para inagurar este blog. It typically occurs when the injuring force is applied from the side, against the greater trochanter of the femur bone, as in a fall on the side or being hit on the side.

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Acetabular fracture – Wikipedia

High anterior column fracture after fixation with screws and plates. Twelve years after her death inKarl Lagerfeld took over as the lead designer of the Couture House of Chanel, continuing her iconic designs. A number of major brands utilised their star designers and made impressive solutions for shoppers.

A trained paramedic may be able to diagnose hip dislocation by noticing the position of the injured limb. The posterior injury may be tacked with anterior approach by experienced surgeon. This offers a delicate magnificence purse to transcend its initial this means. In CT scan the characteristic feature is that the fracture line runs from front to back.

INFO used mobile cell phone for sale – http: I really like it when individuals get together and share thoughts. These fractures are extension of elementary fractures. Suppose you bring kids with you, don’t let them run around the venue and bother other gamers. Fractures of the acetabulum in young individuals usually result from a high energy injury like vehicular accident or feet first fall. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info.


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This is a two part fracture, but though both columns are broken, it is not a true both-column fracture, as the weight bearing dome is still attached to main ilium. A suit will be utilized to work in many careers because of the professional search it affords to the individual, instilling a feeling of respect and trust.

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Great blog, keep it up! The latter treatment will be called for if bone fragments do not fall into place, or if they are found in the joint, or if the joint itself is unstable.