Fostex MR MR-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex. 10 user reviews · avg used price: $99 Warning, this average price is older than 6 months. Find great deals for Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price. By Reg Hamilton. I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of.

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After spending five minutes diddling around with it-with no manual-I had all the basic functions wired. With 8 tracks you have to bounce tracks to track 5, then record again to fostrx all 8 tracks you are looking at a 3 minute song and no more.

I must say that I only use it for recording, the rest is done via the PC. It seems to be well constructed for its price.

All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8

Physical knobs and buttons for intuitive operations. I found the lower fosstex was perfectly acceptable for the projects I work on at home. The storage medium is one of those tiny little James Bond-looking compact flash cards. Improved x 64 dot-matrix LCD and self illuminating keys visually show the current status.


All of this for just I have had no problems as of yet. There are 38 buttons, 13 knobs, and 7 faders on the top panel, each clearly marked as to its function. Easy to operate for someone who is not technically very proficient.

The result is that I grow shy of the recorder altogether. Sampling excellent, high quality sound. It is compact and very user friendly. The price quality ratio is excellent, and it’s a choice really intelligent trs!

Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects

This is a great recorder for the price or for use as a scratch pad. This web site uses cookies to deliver the best foste browsing experience for our visitors. Dosent have a whole lot of effects built in, but it does have a usb connector so i just take the files off there and add effects with cooledit. Log in Become a member. Though with this digital recorder, I hardly did that.

One of the things I really like about this unit is that you can operate it without getting too involved in layers of menus. There’s a built-in mic so you can record notes to yourself about setting levels and such. The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack. Mastering effects for stereo buss. This unit is great for rough mixes. I went online to research products that allow you to do so.

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MR-8 MkII : 8-Track Digital Multitracker

You seem to have Javascript disabled. I just plugged in, armed the track, hit Play and Record at the same time, and did my stuff. And that’s not why I took it. Cepndant, it is impossible to record over a fostexx outdoor distortion and distortion intgre trs is bad. Making CD masters has never been more simple.

I hardly even had to use the manual to figure things out. It is taken in hand quickly and a piece of refined Fast Fashion recording and mixing is done ,r8 2 hours with plenty of time to treat the effects and sounds taken With the MR-8, Fostex has proven digital can be simple, and they’ve produced a fully foxtex digital recorder that costs less than many analog cassette multitrackers. I took it to small pieces classical and composite characters.

This recorder is really only good if you have a decent computer to hook it up to. Capture inspiration fkstex and wherever you are. Sort by most recent most useful.