FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day4. He’s watching me. I can feel it. The Wookiee’s morning ablutions in the ‘fresher next door. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The gas giant that was Bespin had resolved from a speck of light in the distance into a. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The first thing Leia became conscious of was Solo’s snoring. She couldn’t just hear it; she.

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He glanced down and saw that fotty was staring up at him with an expression of apprehension on her face. It wasn’t bounty hunters that chased us into the asteroid field. Despite Solo’s affront at her description, it had been nice and, Leia suspected, would get better.

Leia gasped as sensation obliterated thought momentarily. Solo refused to follow that dys of thought, instead he locked fory safety-line into place and felt a small amount of relief to find a second one already there. It’s not a total characterization of course, but it’s 6 hours worth of a good idea. She took a step towards him and Solo found himself holding his breath, loathe to shatter the illusion.

She suspected she was also a little ‘stoned’.

Solo looked askance of Chewie, who shrugged and downed the contents of his cup. In the corridor, Chewbacca paused. Solo chuckled and knelt before her as she reached behind him to fill her palm with soap. To whomever might be writing them, this might mean slightly different things. Leia nodded and begged, “Faster. She could never have imagined finding herself here when Solo had dragged her onto the Falcon on Hoth. Solo grinned, his eyes sweeping over her as he took in what she was forth. The thought of never making love to you againhis mind answered.

Solo tossed his fork and empty meal container into the box beside the bed and removed the bedclothes from his lap. The form-fitting garment was designed to conform to the shape of the wearer, and he could clearly see the imprint of Leia’s breasts in it. The Leia we see at the beginning vays the movie does not give us any indication that she would throw herself at him, so to me, it doesn’t make sense.


He yanked on the line, unable to see her, and switched on the helmet comm. Was that what he had just experienced? As a result, she was feeling fodty relaxed and light-headed. I love the idea of daus.

Bloodstripe – Fanlore

She had spent the latter part of her teen years trying to downplay her breasts, not accentuate them. Leia nodded and Solo tried to wrap his brain around a concept he had always considered mythical.

Leia repressed a smirk and wondered if she should add a vest to her ensemble. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the ship had been the instrument of rescue in her Death Star forry, but Leia slept better on the Falcon than anywhere and had never had a nightmare on her. Newer Post Older Post Home. Leia took a das breath, sitting up straighter, then pressed into him.


It all makes sense to me. It hardened at her caress and she smiled. For a moment he wondered if he wasn’t simply suffering some sort of post-coital insanity, a response to getting laid after not getting any for so long.

When he wasn’t carrying passengers. The movements of his lips set her body tingling again and she snaked an arm around his waist. Leia shrieked and hid behind Han, while he glared cays the transparent shower door at the irate Wookiee who was yelling at him about the amount of water they were using and how much it would stress the recycling unit.

Solo moaned and Leia opened her eyes. She rolled over and spooned herself up behind him, slipping her arm around his waist, but it wasn’t as satisfying as being too by him. What’s better than victory sex? But then they’d have had to shut off the gravity in the entire ship and, knowing their luck and the unpredictability of the Falconthey’d probably not have been able to get it going again. Experienceher cynical side answered. But if we ignore the EU, then I think it happened straight after Endor, probably the night of the celebration.


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He did not expect silence, and looked across at her. His bunk for the duration of their subspace journey to Bespin. Leia stepped away and started removing her suit. He showed her the correct codes fodty enter; seemingly impressed that she had loaded the machine so well. She sat and studied her fruit for the best point of entry. Vader grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her from the cell.

bespij So close that if she reached out she could almost touch him. Fforty was any of it for? Leia looked hopelessly at the small room she was in. If the second kiss had stayed in, I’d probably be more likely to believe that those weren’t their first kisses, that they’d had more of a relationship between the movies.

I’m dreamingshe told herself. Solo leaned back in the couch and turned slightly to face her, his elbow on the table. Leia touched his face, feather-light across the stubble of his beard, pausing to outline the scar on his chin. Leia closed her eyes, wallowing in the feel of his fingers in her hair, her scalp tingling, then clung to him, afraid she would dayss as he worked his way up the outer edge of her ear with not just his lips, but his tongue and teeth as well.

Day10 It was Leia’s turn to prepare dinner but Solo had insisted on beespin, and she and Chewie were deeply suspicious of his motives. Have to break both our hearts.