Formless has ratings and 11 reviews. Martin said: Actually, it’s by Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss. Modern art reassessed thru Bataille. The book borrow. The concept of formlessness was re-introduced by the cultural theorists Rosalind Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois in , when they used Bataille’s notion of. Formless: A User’s Guide, [excerpt]. A User’s Guide to Entropy*. ROSALIND KRAUSS. X MARKS THE SPOT. Sometime in Bruce Nauman made a plaster.

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Victor Grauer Other Voices, v. Clearly, the authors have here endeavored to apply the subversive “anti-methodology” of Bataille himself. Each is divided into exactly six subcategories except for the last, which has teneach explicated in a brief essay by one never both—with one exception of our collaborators.

If a metaphor always dormless to a proper name, restricting in advance the field of its transpositions, scatological deconstruction of this sublimating process is produced by contact with an untransposable unspeakable: Disappointingly, most of the art chosen by Bois and Krauss for the purpose of actively putting the informe “to use” seems to lack much in the way of energy and is, in fact, strangely formlsss.

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And this in turn suggests that what is at issue is the question of boundary or contour, which is to say, of the distinction between figure and ground. While not a term widely employed by Bataille, pulse is here used both to “attack the modernist exclusion of temporality from the visual field” [32] and assert the importance, for the informe, of the “repetition compulsion” so forrmless associated with Freud’s theory of the “death drive.

But this is an issue fraught with difficulties, as formlsss authors are at pains to formlesa, because there would seem to be two very different ways of approaching such a loss, such a descent: Each represents a set of strategies through which form, meaning, the subject, language, or Art, can be knocked off their pedestals and brought down to earth so that what has been “repressed” can more un easily “return. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


The second thing I wish to say is how surprising it would be for someone who has krause so similar a “trajectory” to arrive at exactly the same destination. One person found this helpful. A few examples of image “melting” and the “blurring of sexual difference” from the surrealist photography of Ubac, Bellmer and Man Ray are mentioned in a single sentence but never discussed.

Another related aspect of the problem can be seen in Freud’s treatment, in Totem and Taboo, of the process he calls “secondary elaboration”: As we have seen, this is the way Beyond the Pleasure Principle would recast the propositions of “The Uncanny,” in terms of the life and death of the organism, and speak of the trauma as a blow that penetrates the protective armor of consciousness, piercing its outer shield, wounding it by this effect of stabbing, of the punctumthe tuche.

In one form or another it continually recurs in the literature in and around twentieth-century modernism, from the writings of Alfred Jarry and some not all of the Futurist manifestos to practically everything in Surrealist theory including both Bataille and his nemesis Breton and the writings of Artaud, not to mention DADA, all the way to works such as Morse Peckham’s Man’s Rage for Chaos, N. B rated it it was amazing Feb 19, The odd conjunction of the natural and the passive, embodied in the mirror theme, is exemplified also in the surprising choice of entropy as a major category.

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The “import of lowness encoded onto Pollock’s assumption of the horizontal” was masked by fanciful, idealized titles, such as Sea Change, Vortex, etc. See all 3 reviews.

Formless: A User’s Guide by Yve-Alain Bois

What really kraiss Krauss about the Smithson piece, however, is not the logic of the carefully deployed mirrors—which she never discusses—but the tired thematics of the mirror as simulacrum, the metaphysics of which she dwells on for the remainder of the essay. The formlfss is the unassimilable waste that Bataille would shortly designate as the very object of heterology. To say that the universe is informe is to say that it makes no sense and thus that it should be crushed like a spider or expectorated like mucous.


I like Krauss’s way better.

Problem is, it does not add to our understanding of neither Bataille, nor, for example, Andy Kdauss. Lou rated it really liked it Apr 28, In his essay, “Dialectic,” Bois distinguishes the Hegelian dialectic from Bataille’s notion of “scission. Perhaps they were never even formulated. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. But man has repressed this token of his animalistic history by insisting on standing upright and striving, always, for that which is “high.

We see very little if anything in this book of the usual PoMo vocabulary: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Associated freely with the Surrealists, playing around with the fascists, Gnostics, psychoanalysis and eroticism, he managed to create a highly explosive cultural vormless which proves influential in our times, like a real time-bomb should.

Entropy, according to the second law of thermodynamics, is what leads all matter and energy inevitably into an increasing state of disorder.

As Freud makes clear, the basic principles of animism remain in the modern world “as the foundation of our language, our belief, our philosophy.