Use the SDLT3 form when the transaction involves more than one property. Fill in form SDLT1 and SDLT3 for each additional property. This note provides practical guidance on completing stamp duty land tax form SDLT1. Free Practical Law trial. To access this resource, sign up for a free, day. Press release from Inland Revenue – Form SDLT 1 – Land Transaction Return ( Inland Revenue)to be made available on the web.

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If the address of their residence is not available then enter their contact address. Enter here the total of these calculations in from of all linked leases.

You do not pay SDLT if you buy a property in: Who can sign the form for a client? Give the correct National Insurance number for the lead purchaser. Sdlt 70 – purchaser 2 address You must answer this question if you answered question Enter the number of purchasers. Make sure the number you provide is a valid VAT registration number, it should:.

Guide to completing form SDLT1 | Practical Law

Question 57 – is purchaser 1 acting as a trustee? Solicitors or legal conveyancers can submit your return online and pay any tax due once we: Normally every purchaser must sign the return personally. What were you doing? The table below shows you when you should complete supplementary forms.

Use the SDLT1 guidance notes to help you fill in the paper return gorm forms. If there is more than one purchaser you must complete questions 67 to More information about linked transactions is in the SDLT manual: Online transactions that need extra forms The electronic SDLT5 certificate shows details of the first property address for any transaction.


SDLT – Form SDLT 1 to be available on the web – press release (Inland Revenue) | Practical Law

Refunds can only be paid to the lead purchaser, sflt1 you send HMRC a letter signed by the lead purchaser confirming who we need to repay. Enter the start date as shown in the lease – if in the future, please enter the future date. Question 32 – if agricultural or development land, sdkt1 is the area if known Show square metres in whole numbers and hectares to 3 decimal places. You have 1 year from the filing date to amend your SDLT return and apply for a refund if, for example you need to make an election for:.

How to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT1 paper return

If the tenant has paid a capital sum for, form of chargeable consideration other than rent to the landlord or any other person for the grant of a new lease, enter the amount including any VAT payable.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Find out more about cookies.

If the net present value is nil enter 0. Enter the name of the solicitor or other person acting as agent on behalf of the purchaser.

Calculate the amount of tax due based on the NPV at question Type of property Description Code Residential not including additional residential properties A building used or suitable for the use of a dwelling, or is in the process of being constructed to use as a dwelling The garden or grounds of such building, including structures on the garden or grounds An interest or right in or over land that benefits a dwelling, for example a right of way to access the dwelling 01 Mixed use Only part of the property is residential 02 Non-residential Is where the whole property is not residential 03 Residential – additional properties Is where the purchase of a residential property results in you owning more than one residential property If the new property is a replacement for your main residence which has not yet been sold, you must still use this code but sdpt1 may be able to claim a refund when your main residence is sold.


You can still amend your return after HMRC has started a compliance check foem your amendment cannot take effect until after the check is finished. The transaction Question 1 – type of property You must answer this question.

UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Answer this question if the agent does not use a DX address question dslt1 Show the number of vendors.

DX Bootle 9 Do not use any punctuation or symbols.

Stamp Duty Land Tax online and paper returns

The tax-based penalty can be up to the full amount of the tax due on the return. Check that the number of SDLT2s enclosed is consistent with the information you entered at question It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. For Northern Ireland enter the folio number. This should include any VAT in both the: Is this page useful? For linked transactions, tax on a premium is based on the total entered at question