Forkner Shorthand is a mixture of regular cursive writing, special symbols, and guidelines for abbreviating words. Most students can triple their. the Shorthand Forum on Reddit is a home for pen and machine shorthand of all kinds. Forkner alphabet shorthand / by Hamden L. Forkner. Main Author: Forkner, Hamden L., Language(s): English. Published: New York: Forkner Pub. Co.

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The letters used are almost exclusively lower-case, written from left to right and joined in a standard cursive hand. I really love Gregg shorthand. Forkned more commonly known abbreviations, like those for the days of the week, are also used in Forkner.

I just don’t know if Forkner or any other alpha system is up to the task. It’s like crossword puzzles and sudoku to me.

Forkner doesn’t have that problem. I agree with you—it’s refreshing to see that shorthand in some form has survived extinction.

Its popularity grew through the s as those who needed shorthand every day such as secretaries began to favor the easier learning curve of alphabetic systems to the more difficult but potentially faster symbol-based ones. The way Forkner represents fokrner may be unique among alphabetic systems.

Forkner shorthand

Shorthand systems Transcription linguistics. It seems to have had pretty decent possibilities.

Perhaps there is one kind of shorthand that has survived extinction. There are fewer than 80 principles, of which only about 50 are absolutely required; the rest are prefixes and suffixes which can be spelled out.


Forkner Shorthand Principles and Short Forms – Album on Imgur

I missed hitting the wpm by one test before the end of the year. Teeline has become more popular, however, because of its relative ease of learning. I thought I had a beginning Forker book somewhere. I was pushing it at on short material. It’s easy to write new words in, as each letter is written independently, like regular cursive.

My text says there shorthanx companion cassettes for pwm for the second term after the theory has been learned. Atom, smallest unit into which matter can be divided without the release of electrically charged particles.

Shirthand you, the amazon site is showing a new book on teeline, Teeline for Journalists August 18,which comes with torkner MP3 CD of exercizes so that you can teach yourself and build speed. The biggest problem with Forkner was that it was in competition with Pitman and Gregg and did not have anywhere near the speed potential of either. It seem to remember at that point that the Gregg writers were slightly faster than the Forkner folks.

Forkner was a professor of business education at Columbia University when he began designing and testing his shorthand system. By the end forknsr my second year, I was writing wpm and I think the Forkner students were doing pretty consistently. I have to admit that I’m a real puzzle person at heart — former computer programmer — and I really like the mystery and code-like nature of Gregg. I’m not sure I’d ever switch from Gregg, but I have to admit that, like GB Shaw, I never recommend it or any other non-alpha system—for the very reasons you’ve stated.


Light, electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. Retrieved 16 November These vowel marks can be omitted if the writer feels they are unnecessary since many words are legible without their vowels. Forkner shorthand Type shorthajd alphabetic shorthand. At the end of the year, she was writing accurately at wpm.

Those familiar with Gregg or Pitman Shorthand will recognize this feature: Except “the”, which is common enough you remember it. On the other, if you already have experience in Gregg four years herethere’s no reason to switch over to another system except out of curiosity or for fun. Gregg has one other great advantage—privacy. Gregg, I find it takes a few tries to get the loop shaped efficiently for the strokes around it, and how long to draw before curving to get the loops size fotkner line length I want.

Forkner is written with a handful of special symbols mixed with simplified versions of cursive longhand letters. It’s easy to tell which “letter” was intended. It uses only alphabetic characters — no symbols at all.